Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baking Ingredients In Trivandrum

Pack N Bake, Chalai Trivandrum

Way to Pack N Bake, Inside Chalai Market, Trivandrum
Are you looking for Cake/Chocolate making ingredients in Trivandrum?

Before I spotted this place in Trivandrum, I had searched, enquired with many folks in Trivandrum for any shop selling cake and chocolate making ingredients. Like many other baking enthusiasts in Trivandrum, I too hit a dead end. Sad to say, even bakery owners in Trivandrum were tight lipped on shops selling baking ingredients. ( Is it their trade secret ). At last I got the clinching clue from my cousin's wife Rina Gomez. She said about Pack N Bake in Chalai.

Based on this vital clue I went to Chalai, Trivandrum and rest in history.

I spotted this shop "Pack N Bake" in Chali, Trivandrum. I know there are lot of folks like me hunting for a place to buy baking stuff in Trivandrum.

Pack N bake is located on the opposite side of Bata, the lane adjacent next to Jayachandra Book depot in Chalai. Before I found this place, I used to carry all the ingredients from Bangalore for my cake baking class and chocolate making class in Trivandrum.

Pack N Bake -Phone #: 0471 2470444, Mobile #: 9895192522
Note: Before take the effort to visit a baking store, pls call them to find if the items are available. I find many store keepers find it very easy to say "No Stock", while you've come all the way to pick that particular item. Once I had a  in bad experience hunting for Britanian Cream Cheese in all shops in Trivandrum. The worst part is that the people at the counter don't bother to tell when that particular item will come.)

You will find these ingredients at Pack N Bake:
  • Whipping Cream and Powder:whipping cream in 1 kg packs. 
  • Whipping cream powder 
  • Dark chocolate, White, Milk compound chocolate
  • Chocolate Chips, piping bags, nozzles
  • Sparkling sugar, colored vermicelli: In different colors.
  • Instant yeast
  • All Dry fruits
  • Orange peel
  • Clear Vanilla Essence and all type of essences
  • Cake Gel
  • Tinned Cherry, Blueberries,Litchis, Pears, Mango, Pineapple
  • Paste colors
  • Liquid Glucose
  • Cream Of Tartar
  • Samosa leaf
Baking Tray/ chocolate Molds
You will find different kinds of baking dish and chocolate making molds at Ibrahims, Chali or other imported trays at Style Plus, and Bread Factory at Koravankonam in Trivandrum.

I had spotted Pack N Bake way back in 2011, but now as of 2016, we have many shops selling baking ingredients in Trivandrum. Here's the updated list of few other shops selling baking ingredients and accessories in Trivandrum:

  1. The Baker Walk, at Nanthencode
  2. Choice Trade Links at Chakai
  3. Stains at Attakulangara Road
  4. Pack N Spice, Dry Fruit Store in Sreekaryam,  Trivandrum

Start Baking with hands-on Lessons

I conduct regular baking workshop in Trivandrum. Most of the classes are for beginners and few sessions are for people looking to learn new recipes. Apart from baking, I conduct icing and cooking classes.

Pls visit my my blog post - baking class in Kumarapuram, Trivandrum for the latest class schedule. I also have a Facebook page ( Cake Baking Class Trivandrum) where all class pictures and class details are listed  If you've any questions related to baking, then you're welcome to mail (mennasdelight@gmail.com) or call me at 9379398865.



Raji said...

Thank you Marina for this information!

Marina said...

You are welcome... Happy Baking Raji..

Mitha said...

U r a life saver Marina!!
Even I used to buy yeast ,whipping powder ,trays and all from Kochi !!
I am very passionate about baking..
preferably eggless baking.
but am not a trained person,. just follow the recipes and bake.
I would like to enroll myself for ur baking class
count me in !!
Many thanks

Marina said...

Hi Mitha

Thank you, happy to hear that this information was useful for you.

Looking forward to teach you eggless cakes..Call me to enroll for the class. I will be conducting the classes from 8th to 11th Oct 2011


Ashwini Benjit said...

Hey Marina.... lovely website and thanks a bunch for hunting down this shop in trivandrum.... Ive moved in newly to trivandrum,,, hardly a month... and im really looking forward to join your classes... Yes i do bake back home but not a pro! Will be great if you could give me the course details and fee structure... Also just curious if u also teach sugar craft ( fondant, gum paste flowers, etc ) thanks a lot !

Marina said...

Hi Ashwini,

Happy to hear that my blog was useful for you. I will be conducting classes this weekend 8th to 11th Oct, please call me 09379398865 for more information.

Many Thanks

Mitha said...

Hi marina,
Thank You
i cant express my excitement to join the class. but this october is a bit difficult for me !! when is the next class scheduled ?
I checked the blog and read about the course levels..
how badly I want to learn all of them !!!
Okay today am gonna pack n bake let me see what all can I get there.
Many thanks dear

Marina said...

@Mitha...Thank you, I have changed my class schedules, it will be happening on 15 to 17th Oct 2011. Get in touch if you are free on those dates.

Many Thanks

Anita said...

hi...i noticed u hadnt mentioned whr to find cream cheese in trivandrum..ive been huntin high nd low fr it!hope u cn help!

Marina said...

Hi Anita,

I am very sorry, I don't know about the cream cheese availability at Trivandrum. I can help you with the shops in Bangalore.

If I come across any shops I will definitely post the details in my next blog.

Many Thanks

Mitha said...

Hi Marina,
I am afraid this month is gonna tight for me!!
do u have a class coming up in November !!
I would love to enroll myself then !!

Marina said...

Hi Mitha,

Will let you know the November dates..


Rose said...

thanks for the Baking Stuff details in Trivandrum. was on the lookout for the same matter for months..thanks a bunch for the information!!!!!

Marina said...

Hi Rose,

You are most welcome, Happy Baking..


JAJ said...

hello Marina,

Can you do a similar post on "Baking Ingredients In Bangalore". It would be good to know some shops in Bangalore, where we can buy baking supplies all under one roof,preferably in Indiranagar /Old Airport road area.

Shiney Sara said...

Thank you Marina for the valuable information

nidhi chandran said...

thanks a million for the shop... i was tired hunting for baking ingredients ..... thanks once again....

Marina said...

you are most welcome @Nidhi Chandran and @Shiney Sara


Dreamer said...

Thanks a ton Marina! this is really good info! i always used to look into buying ingredients from online sites as i thought they were not easily available in tvm!

VINNIE said...


Pia said...

Hi marina,i am interested in being a part of ur baking classes.could u plz tel me ur dates 4 feb and march.i live in vellayambalam,t' dum.originally frm delhi.thanks.pia

Marina said...

Thank vinnie and Pia my Feb 2012 classes are over now the next batch will be during 2nd week of March 2012. Call me for more details 09379398865


Anu Vijayan said...

hi Marina,
i am so happy to go through your blog. i love cooking and baking but am not a expert. i came to know that you conduct cookery classes at trivandrum, i would love to join your classes. will you please inform the class schedule and the date when you ill be conducting it..
and also thankyou for sharing that piece of infrmation about PACK n BAKE...i have been running around tvm in search of ingrdients.

Marina said...

Hi Anu,

Happy to hear from you, I will be conducting classes at Trivandrum during 3rd week of March 2012, Please call 09379398865 for more details.


Admin said...

Please let me know when is your next class on Trivandrum


Harsha said...

Can you please let me know where we will get icing colours and cake decorating equipments like star nozzles etc in Trivandrum? kindly replay.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Marina for this information!

Anonymous said...

Marina im new to bangalore..can u plz let me know where baking ingredients are available in bangalore

Geetha Bhadran said...

Hi Marina thanks for the info about the shop in Chalai. Could you let me know when is the next baking class you are having in Trivandrum.

Geetha Bhadran said...

Hi Marina thanks for the info about the shop in Chalai. Could you let me know when is the next baking class you are having in Trivandrum.

Geetha Bhadran said...

Hi Marina thanks for the info about the shop in Chalai. Could you let me know when is the next baking class you are having in Trivandrum.

Nithya Iyer said...

Hi Marina, that was a very useful information. Though I hail from TVM now I am in Bangalore. From where in Bangalore u used to get the baking ingredients? I am searching for one here where I can get the chocolate making and baking supplies. I am put up in Whitefield and nowhere near I am able to get chocolate chips, chocolate slabs, whipping cream etc etc... Please let me know.
Many Thanks,
Nithya Iyer

Marina said...

HI Nitya,

You will get all the baking and chocolate making ingredients at few places in Bangalore.

General Food Additives, Sheshadipuram
Institute of Cake and Bake Arts, Mission Road
Nilgiris, Brigade Road


Anonymous said...

Hi marina!! thanks a lot for this info..!!it is indeed helpful!
Also im an amaeuture in baking and i searched full tvm for classes..couldnt find any..i would love to enroll in ur classes..could u give me ur details as to where and duration and course and cost info..!!it would b helpful!looking forward:) thank u!

Anonymous said...

My name is mahira btw:)

Rajeshwari Girish said...

Hi Marina, a lot of help with that information, my sincere "Thank You", and keep baking!!!

revs said...

thank u sooo much... i was searching for a shop in trivandrum to buy whipping cream... :D

Krishh said...

that's great! you can get these things even at www.mirascakeart.com and call them up for what you cant find on their site. been using it fr a while

Yamini Hrishikesh said...

This post is a life saver for me! Although I know about Pack n Bake, no one knew the exact way of getting there!

And for cream cheese, Im thinking of trying Dreams in Kowdiar, opposite that Salvation Army school.
Thanks a mil for this post btw!

Marina Charles said...

Thank you for your comments and happy to know that my post was useful to you all.


Anonymous said...

Marina you are a real dear to share this info. Peole usually are tight lipped. THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Where can we buy bakeware and tools at a reasonable price in Trivandrum? Or a good online shopping portal reasonably priced will help.

Robb Stark said...

Great to come across blog like this,i am really fond of cakes and all.So when are ur classes gonna start,want to join.Can u also share how chocolate slab are used but i usually Buy Chocolate Slab Online

Robb Stark said...

Great to come across this kind of blog.i am also fond of cakes, chocolates,want to join your classes.Can you also share the uses of chocolate slab but i usually Buy Chocolate Slab Online

Aaryan Lehan said...

For me friday has always been a chocolate day. I always make chocolate tarts and pies on friday. I always buy chocolate slab
online as it gives you many flavors,shapes and are easier to chop.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
First of all thank you for posting this . Most of us present in Trivandrum have to run from one shop to another to buy all ingredients for just one cake .
Does anybody know where to buy cream cheese in trivandrum ? I saw that it was already asked but there was no definite answer

Coffee Temple Varkala said...

Hi. I have a coffee shop in Varkala, Coffee Temple, and ive had a few bakers come and try to make fluffy crusty baguette type loaves for me, but no-one was successful. So i wonder , do i need strong flour? I know theres a firm in Kochi called STAINES which i must check out, and ive heard theres a shop called Choice Cheese in Pettah which might stock cream cheese
I fancy having a cream whipper, found one in a bakery shop in Kochi, but they didnt know about the gas bombs to charge it. Lol. So ill ask P & B next time, cream cheese shouldnt be hard to make. Gas Oven manufacturer ???

manju said...

I want to learn butter cream icing and fresh cream icing....when is ur next class mam

Shivani Kuttan said...

Where I can get turn table for icing...pls give me that information also mam

Anonymous said...

You can find this shop in nanthancode also

Anonymous said...

Where can i get cake spatula

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Riya Allen said...

Hi there...im residing in Trivandrum. From where can i get mascarpone cheese and italian ladyfingers?

Gowri Nair said...

Bless you for this info. Been looking for the ingredients for ages and like you said, all bakers are tight lipped about it. I'm introducing my 7 year old nephew to baking and we've been going through a phase of 'joy of baking'. Now with this info, we can easily bake our dream chocolate cheesecake. Thanks a million!!

Jamal Mohamed said...

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