Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Cake Fruit Mixing Session - 2012

All Hands on the Deck ( Mixing Bowl)

Mixing Dry Fruits in Rum &Caramel Syrup

Baked Cake ( Share it)

Cake & Homemade Wine 

All Smiles! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Grand New Start -Wedding Cake Venture

I have made it finally!!! so excited after finishing my first wedding cake with the help of my mentor and guide Joonie Tan. A big hug & thanks to her.

Lamb Do Pyaza -Mughlai Dish

Lamb Do Pyaza
Lamb Do Pyaza is a Mughlai dish. Onion is added in two different stages, first stage is to add finely chopped onions  for seasoning  which helps to  flavour the meat during cooking and then the second stage is frying the onions and adding it towards  the end to give a sweetness of the caremalised onions to the curry. Adding the onions in two stage has given it the name of   “do-pyaza”  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Savarin Cake with Fresh Berries

This classic French yeast cake is soaked with a rum syrup and glazed, then served with fresh cream and a mixture of fresh berries. Choose your favorite fruits in season.

Christmas Cake Fruit Mixing Ceremony Bangalore

While there is a tradition world over of soaking the Christmas Cake fruits well in advance to get that perfect Christmas cake, I also see it as a fun activity, a celebration where I like to share the joy with my Students, Friends and all who love to bake. Call 9379398865 for registration.

In 2014, I've Christmas cake mix starting from November till December. Check my Facebook Page for details of fruit mixing ceremony Bangalore.

Christmas Cake Mix
Looking forward to see you :-)

Marina Charles