Cake Gallery

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  • Do you want to improve your baking skills?
Get inspired to improve your baking skills or start baking new varieties of cakes. Browse through these cakes and decide which one you can start with.

Simple Cake

1. Tea Cake ( Heart shapped)
2. Variety Cupcakes
3. Heart Shapped Cupcake
4. Cupcake ( B'day Special)
5. Cupcake with icing
6. Teacake topped with fudge icing and strawberry
7. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Pastry Collection
1. Pineapple Pastry
2. Blackforest Pastry

Exotic Cake Delights

1. Strawberry torte and Fruit Gateaux cakes
2. Truffle Cake
3. Checkered Cake
4. Christmas Cake
5. Death by Chocolate ( Devil's Cake)
6. Snow Cake
7. Egg less Sponge Cake
8. Chocolate Almond Upside Cake
9. Carrot and Date Cake
10. Mango pastry bite
11. Zebra Cake
13. Coffee Streusel cake

Chocolates ( Gallery of Cakes & Chocolate)

Fondant Icing ( Starting from Fondant making to designing)
Butter Cream Icing ( Learn from the basics)
Babie Doll Cake in Butter Cream Icing
Wedding Cake Lessons

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Whether you’re just a beginner or a pro, there’s something to learn or discover here. Get ideas, or cake recipes or bake a cake that will have everybody saying "THAT'S DELIGHTFUL!".

For any info on baking class, you can contact me at # 9379398865.