Thursday, October 24, 2013

Prince George's Baptism Gown & Telma's Creation

Today the print and T.V channels flashed the images of Prince George's baptism. The christening dress wore by little prince was the replica of christening gown of 170-year-old gown used for every royal christening, including Prince William and his father, Prince Charles. 

When I saw the baptism gown wore by the young prince, and it reminded me of two christening which happened few months back in our family. It was my nephew Nathan's in Bangalore, and niece Michelle's christening in Trivandrum. . 

And among the fond memories during the christening, it was delightful to see two babies decked in beautiful, flowing baptism dress stitched by my Mom.    

The baptism gown stitched for her grandchildren was similar to the one worn by Prince George. She spend almost two two weeks to stitch each gown. Also, she took the pain to go to Commercial street in Bangalore to purchase the gown material, the laces, bows, etc.

When she stitched the gown, many folks passed comments on the long flowing dress, the frills, and embroidery work for the boy's gown. On the contrary, she insisted that the baptism dress for boys also has to be free flowing one.

I:m very proud of your creativity and talent, MOM!!! 

Baptism of Prince George

Baptism of Nathan George Gomez
                              Baptism of Michelle Stephen Gomez