Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blue Trevally Baked ( Vatta Fish)

Fresh Glittering Vatta from Bangalore
Baking underway 
Marinated Blue Trevally
It was a pleasant surprise on this Saturday to get fresh Vatta from Sargar fish stall at Domlur in Bangalore. One kg of Vatta (Blue Trevally) was priced Rs 160, roughly $4. I bought 3 medium size Blue Trevally.

Got the fish cleaned. Despite their cleaning, I cleaned inside-out with water and then cleaned it rock salt and lemon syrup to take off any fish-odor.

Since starting Sardine grill, I'm on a grilling spree. These days I use less time to grill fish in my OTG. Earlier I used used to take 30 min to bake, Now I cut short the grilling time by turning on both coils in the OTG. Wow, now I get the grilled fish in around 10-12 min.

This time, I marinated the fish with

Chilly powder
Turmeric powder
Pepper powder

I kept the marrinated fish for 30 min before grilling it.

In just 10 min I got well grilled vatta for lunch. Today I had cabbage thoran, dal curry to make it a grand luncheon. The fish was extremely fresh, sometime I wonder the miracle of today's transportation or storage.

It was just perfect addition to our lunch when you want to come something up fishy, quick and great served on a bed of boiled rice.

Your's with fishy delight!


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