Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Cake Delight - Fruity TeaCake

Recipe Fruity TeaCake
Sliced Fruity TeaCake

Sliced Fruity TeaCake
Slice of Cake

This is a fat free cake, very yummy to have with your tea, It is crusty outside and soft inside.


Dried fruits   - 300 gms
Flour             - 225 gms
Mixed spice  - 2 tsp ( Cinnamon 1 tsp, Clove 1/4 tsp, Nutmeg 3/4 tsp )
Baking Powder - 2 tsp
Hot black tea - 150 ml ( made with 2 Earl grey tea bag)
Brown Sugar - 125 gms
Eggs              - 2
Butter to serve

  1. Pour tea in a bowl and soak the dried fruits for half an hour.
  2. Pre heat the Oven to 190 degree for 10mts
  3. Grease your loaf tin with oil and base line with butter paper
  4. Bear the sugar and eggs together in a large bowl until pale and slightly thickened.
  5. Now add the flour, baking powder, mixed spice and soaked dried fruit along with tea.
  6. Mix everything together well.
  7. Now transfer the batter to your loaf tin, level the surface well.
  8. Bake in the middle rack of your oven for 45 mts to 1 hour
  9. Leave to cool completely in the tin, when the cake cools turn out and peel off the lining paper.
  10. Serve slice with a little butter.
Spread Butter on a Slice 

1.If you need a soft teacake use 50 gms of butter while creaming the egg and sugar.
2.Wrap this cake when cooled in clingfilm and store in an airtight container. It will keep for up to five days

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Madness - New Vistas in Baking

Hello March, we are marching in.
I'm happy to share this month's Cake Baking Class Bangalore baking calendar. This session has 4 new classes for those interested in baking, cake decoration and cooking. So, plan a day off to learn some new dishes and learn a new skill.
1) 5 cakes & 7 icing ( 1 day class, 10:AM to 4:PM on 6/3/16)
2) Buttercream Advanced class ( 1 day 10:AM to 4:PM)
3) Pineapple Upside down cake
4) Kerala specials ( Appam, Stew, Iddiappam, Fish Molee, Egg Curry)
Cake All the Way - Workshop on Just Cakes
Pls have a look at the class calendar and feel free to call me at 9379398865, 8861389165 for details.

March Month's Baking Class Calendar

Choco Banana Cake

Pound Cake

Red Velvet cake

Vanilla Cake

Kappa vada and ullyi chamati(Tapioca and shallot cutney)

Kappa vada and ullyi chamati(Tapioca and shallot cutney