Monday, January 31, 2011

Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo St Andrews Recipe
Pork Vindaloo St Andrews Style

I still wonder the similarities between Goan and St Andrews food. Many people in St Andrews, Trivandrum regularly make Pork Vindaloo, a dish popular in Goa. The similar food traits could have been bought in by Portuguese or by Christian missionaries.

More details on our patron St. Andrew.

Here's a simple Pork Vindaloo recipe popular in St Andrews locality, Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum. It's a variant of Goan Pork Vindaloo, with a Kerala touch.

Ingredients to make Pork Vindaloo
  • Pork or Mutton - 1/2 kg
  • Turmeric -3/4 inch
  • Cumin seed - 1tbsp
  • Red chillies-12
  • Ginger-1" piece
  • Garlic- 1 whole
  • Mustard seeds -1 tsp
  • Vinegar -1/2 cup
  • Salt as per taste
  • Oil -3 tbsp
  • Curry leave -few
  • Onion-1
Method to make Vindaloo
  1. Grind  Turmeric, cumin seed, red chillies, ginger,garlic and mustard to a fine paste.
  2. Heat oil, brown sliced onions and curry leaves.
  3. Add the masala and fry for 2 mts
  4. Now add meat and mix well.
  5. Add enough water to cook the meat
  6. Add salt and vinegar
  7. Cook till the meat is soft and gravy fairly thick.
  8. Serve hot with rice or bread.
Try out this hot and tangy Pork Vindaloo and let me know how it came out. Check the Pork Vindaloo I made for Xmas.




Mini Reese said...

hello marina,

found several excellent recipes in your blog. i intend to try out appam very soon. thank u for the clear instructions.

mini reese

Felina said...

Interesting, My wife had posted a similar vindaloo recipe on her blog...and i was testing whether the url would appear on google search , when i stumbled upon this site. Interesting from another angle is the fact that my brother Cleetus morris is married to One Jasmine Gomez who hails from that region too....kaniapuram to be exact...

Anonymous said...

Hello Marina,
I was searching on net for a recipie which my MIL prepares pork vindaloo. It seems exactly the same traditional way, which my husband loves most. I ll try this out and will let you know. Thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marina,
I tried out the recipe. It came out well. Everyone loved the taste. I added 3 big onions instead of one. That is the only change I made. I ll try out more of your non veg recipies.

Kavitha said...

Tried this recipe... dish came out really well. Everyone loved it.