Monday, January 24, 2011

Chocochips Muffins

Chocolatechips Muffins is another beautiful variant in the muffin family. As you inferred from the name, it has chocolate chips in it. This simple addition lifts the taste of muffin to chocolate heights.

If you're in Bangalore, you can buy chocolate chips from Nilgris ( Brigade road) or from ICBLR, Bangalore.

Chocoholic Bombastic Muffins - What's so Special!
As you munch these chocolate muffins, you'll meet the rich taste of chocolate bits along with the delicate taste of muffins. If you made vanila muffins or chocolate muffins, then you can try choco-chips muffins for a change. I'm sure you'll get lot's of 'WOW' from your kids and loved ones.

Learn to make muffins
If you've any doubts on Chocochips muffins, call me at 9379398865. I'll be happy to explain to you or you can join for a one-to-one muffin baking class in Bangalore. If you're not from Bangalore, then you out can learn baking through my online baking classes.


P.S. Muffins with icing

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