Monday, August 29, 2011

Bake and Share your Bounty

Bakes @ Trivandrum

Are you new to baking and looking for a baking class to learn the fundamentals of baking? If yes, then I have a wide range of class which suit the beginner to more seasoned baker.

Classes are conducted every month and it usually last for 7 to 10 days. The classes are divided into different sections ( 3 hr duration) and you can choose the class you like to attend and learn. All the classes are designed for people who like to start from the basics.

Who can join for the baking class?

Anyone with an aptitude or a desire to bake. I had students who was as young as 5 to seniors. There's is practically no limit to the age group. However, I suggest anyone above 7 or 8 years old and who has an interest in baking can join for the classes.

Where can I find the class details?

I have a Facebook Page called - Cake Baking Classes Trivandrum, where I keep posting the latest class details. Also, you can see the update on this blog - Menna's Delight.

What are the usual classes for beginners?
  1. Cupcake Class ( Learn 5 Types of Cupcakes)
  2. Cookies
  3. Brownies
  4. Muffins
  5. Fresh Cream Icing ( Blackforest and Pineapple  Pastry)
  6. Fondant Icing
  7. Chocolate Cake and Red Velvet Cake
  8. Bread class for beginners
  9. Chocolate making
  10. Biryani class
  11. Ghee cake and marble cake
  12. Starters
  13. and many more
How's the instruction given?
When you join for one of the session, you'll get first-hand experience in baking. Meaning, you'll do your part by following the recipe. This practical training help you to absorb the process, learn the techniques and clear your questions. Moreover, at the end of the class, you'll carry the cakes you've baked!


Cupcake Class for Beginners
Cookies with Royal Icing

Chocolate Cake

Cookies ( Egg less Class)

NB: Apart from cake baking classes, I also teach chocolates, North Indian cooking, South Indian Cooking ,  Kebabs, etc. Give me a ring at #9379398865 for class schedule. 

Here's the list of shops  in Trivandrum selling baking accessories and ingredients. 

Birthday Cup Cakes

Try this innovative cup cakes with different fillings for a Birthday.

Black Forest Cake - A Good Start

Cake gallery - Cakes made by my students
Pineapple and Black forest pastry  by Aruna and Alice

Black Forest by Rina Gomez,Trivandrum
Black forest Cake - Make by Jansi Sabu, Bangalore

Get the baby steps in baking with one-to-one baking class in Bangalore. Start baking in your pace with the basics, and then zoom away with many experiments. To quote  Ralph Waldo Emerson “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”

Here's the pic of Black forest cake baked and decorated by few of my students. For a beginner, the first cake  always gives a rapturous joy - an emotion we experience when we try out something new in life.

Apart from it here're the details of Cake Baking Class

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For details on cake baking class in Bangalore, please call me Marina at Ph # 9379398865.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ambalapuzha Pal Payasam

Ambalapuzha Payasam

Paysam Ready

Here's the one of the most easiest and tastiest paysam you can make in your home. I regularly make this paysam during South Indian cooking class, here in Bangalore. This 2 minute payam is so simple, that anyone who starts to learn cooking can make it by following these simple steps.

Ambalapuzha Payasam Recipe

  • Rice – 100 gms
  • Sugar – 200 gms
  • Milk – 1 liter
  1. Clean and wash the rice
  2. Add milk, sugar and rice to the pressure cooker
  3. After one whistle reduce the heat and simmer on low flame for 45mts
  4. Cook till the  mixture coat the spoon and it will be in pinkish color. 
Enjoy the Ambalapuzha pal payasam.