Friday, December 1, 2017

Order Homemade Plum Cake Bangalore

Plum Cake for Xmas Season 

Christmas Season - Plum Cakes
Tis the season to be thankful, joyful and it's also a good time to gift! And one of the Christmasy gift is the plum cake or cookies. Every year during this season, I make few extra kilo of cakes for gifting and for orders. So, just in case if you're looking to buy homemade plum cake then you order Christmas cake (Plum cake) from me.

How I make this Rich Fruit Cake!

To make this cake, I use good measure of dry  fruits soaked in rum, and these dunken mix is mixed and kneaded with love and care. Finally, each one is baked and packed for gifting and giving.

These cakes are perfect for Xmas feast or for gifting to family, friends and goes well with afternoon tea.

How can I order!

Plum cake is available in 1 kg and 500gm size. 1 Kg is Rs 900 and 500gm is Rs 500.

Call or drop a msg to this number. Ph# ( 8861389165, 9379398865). I'm put up at Domlur. I have limited quantity of plum cake and the orders has to be collected from Domlur area.

Thanks and Merry Xmas to All!

P.S: Plum cake recipe which I follow to make this cake. Enjoy baking!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pepper roasted Sweet Potatoes

Roast sweet potatoes with pepper.

600gm Sweet potatoes
2 tbsp olive oil
1 lemon
Few chopped coriander leaves
1 onion chopped
Salt and pepper to taste


Preheat the oven in 230 degree
Scrub the sweet potatoes with the skin very well and boil water in a pan and boil the potatoes for 10mts.
Meanwhile pour the olive oil in a shallow pan and put into oven to heat.
Finally grate the lemon rind and coriander leaves.
Drain the potatoes, put in the hot oil along with chopped onions , coriander leaves and lemon rind.
Now add salt and pepper and roast it well.
The oil should be really hot when you put the potatoes
Roast the potatoes on the top shell of the oven for 20mts until golden.
Serve hot...

Monday, October 30, 2017

Baking Ingredient and accessory store in Calicut

Bakers and Butlers Store in Calicut
Meaningful Line on the Daily Notice Board - 

Store Aisle - Fondant Tools, molds, etc

Aluminium Tins for Baking ( All sizes)

One section for Cupcake Liners and paper molds 

Looking at the size of this baking store in Calicut and the number of customers visiting this store, it's easy to imagine the number of bakers in this city. I feel, this is bigger than Stains in Trivandrum and much larger than any baking store in Bangalore.

I was fortunate to stop by at this city after attending a student's wedding in Cananaore. Apart from visiting few places like the street famous for banana chips, Paragon restaurant, beach, St Joseph Cathedral, I look a rick to reach this baking store.

Here's the address of this store:

 P Sahadevan Sons Bakers & Butlers Shop
Address: Thondayad Bye-Pass, Opp. Azhathrikovil Temple P.O., Nellikkode, Kozhikode, Kerala 673016

Here are few things I bought from this store:
  • 8 inch aluminum tin
  • Cupcake liners
  • Fondant tool Kit
  • Buttercream Set
  • Nozzles
  • Piping bags
  • Lace cutters
  • Sugarcraft molds

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Custom Paper Bag Shop at Trivandrum

Wide Range  of  Paper Bags
Vedika Traders- Cloth, Paper Bag Store at Tvm

Brown Covers and Cloth Bag

Here's one accidental discovery - rather I should say that I spotted a new store selling paper and cloth bag in Trivandrum.

So, here's how I noticed this store. On my way back from a shopping trip from Stains at Attakulangara, Trivandrum, I noticed paper bags and covers kept outside this store. As, I keep buying these bags for my baking class, I stopped to have a closer look.

The shop owner was a pleasant young man who explained in detail all about his merchandise. This is rather unusual in this pas most shop owner or sales staff I see in Trivandrum usually appear ever busy or just flatly refuse to delve more info.

He said he can do custom printing work on the cloth or paper bag and I collected the cost and other details.

I wish him all success, goodwill on his new venture.

Pls visit this store to get more details of bags and custom printing works.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cupcake Topper Techniques Learn Fondant Animals

Christmas Themed Toppers

Cupcake Toppers

Fondant Froggy

Cupcake Forest Theme

Learn Fondant Toppers 

Are you awed by the impressive fondant toppers you see on cupcakes? If yes, then it's time to learn how to make small designs on cupcakes and create a themed design on cupcake.

Be it a birthday part or a Halloween evening, a themed fondant cupcake figurines is sure to put a cheer on any kids face.

In this practical class, you'll advance your fondant decoration skills to the next level by making different shapes and sizes, like happy duck ducks, mermaids, lady bird, and other cute little creations.

The class will begin with tips on how to create the cupcake dome and then show the step-step process to make these signature figurines on fondant that amaze your guests.

It's time to create impressive set of cupcakes for your next party!

Beyond the Recipe and Story of the Food

Why we choose a Recipe Book 

✤Is recipe book just about the recipe? What's more in it?
✤What tempts you to pick a recipe book?
✤Does your cook book collection say something about you? (Probably nothing)
These questions ran in my mind after I spend some time gazing at my recipe book collection.
I often end up buying new recipe book for different reasons - At times, it's the story around the recipe, or after seeing a familiar name or the sumptuous food photographs.

★These two recipe books are special - The Suriani Kitchen by Lathika George takes you through the spectrum of life, stories around food and has a collection of wonderful recipes.
★ The Tried Out Recipes (Ninth Edition) published by Inner Wheel Club club of Trivandrum comes with a big list of tried and tested recipes. They were the pioneers in Trivandrum, when it comes to culinary skill training.

Many people would remember their office in University Road at Trivandrum. Kudos to all the ladies who worked as a team - veteran chefs, homemakers, professionals and culinary instructors who did a fantastic job in running their Home Science Academy.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cream Cheese Swirled Red Velvet Brownie

Red Velvet Brownie

Bite Sized Red Velvet Brownies

This version of red velvet brownie has the characteristic features of red velvet cake and brownie. It's rich, dense and  this cake mingles the flavors of cream cheese along with the dominant chocolate flavor.

Typically it's cut into square shape. When its cut into heart shapes, it would a perfect gift during valentine's day or it could be gifted during Christmas season.


Butter                                 113 gms  ( ½ cup)
Sugar                                 1 cup
Vanilla                                1 tsp
Cocoa                                 ¼ cup
Salt a pinch
Red Color                           1 tbsp
Vinegar                               1 tsp
Eggs                                    2
Flour                                    ¾ cup
Walnut                                 ¼ cup

Cream cheese Layer

Cream cheese      1 cup   
Sugar                      ¼ cup
Egg                        1
Vanilla essence        1/8 tsp


1. Melt butter and and transfer to bowl
2. Add sugar, vanilla, cocoa, salt color and vinegar in that order
3. Whisk the egg in a bowl and stir into cocoa mix
4. Fold the flour gently and stir in walnuts
5. Pour the batter in the pan by saving ¼ cup

Cream Cheese
1. Blend together cream cheese, sugar, egg and vanilla in a bowl.
2. Gently spread the cream cheese layer on top of the brownie batter in the pan.
3. Dollop the remaining brownie batter over the cream cheese.
4. Using  a skewer or knife drag the tip through the cream cheese mixture to create a swirl pattern
5. Bake the brownies for 30 mts in 180 degree.

 Try this recipe, or make some innovation to this recipe and let me see your finished goodies in the comments box._

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Baking Ingredients and Baking Accessory Shop in Indira Nagar

Looking for baking supplies and baking ingredients in Indira Nagar or Domlur locality in Bangalore?

Here are the shops in this locality where I keep buying my baking related items and ingredients.

List of of shops:

Lakshika Traders
Lakshika Traders 
Lakshika have assorted variety of tins, and trays for your baking needs!

  1. Icing sugar
  2. Dry and wet yeast
  3. Cake Packing box ( 7, 9 inch, etc)
  4. Fondant cutters
  5. Bread box
  6. Cupcake liners
  7. Whipping Cream ( Tropolite)
  8. Slip Pat
  9. Dry fruits
  10. Baking tins
  11. Bake and serve baking liners
  12. Cake stand
  13. Measuring Cups and spoons
  14. Coca powder ( loose)
  15. Sprinklers
  16. Edible Photo Print ( Call and mail to   

Contact person: Mr Suresh  Mobile # 9986017826


Nature's Basket at CMH Road
Cream Cheese at Nature's Basket Indira Nagar
1) Cream Cheese
2) Spices and herbs
3) Pasta

M K Retail ( CMH Road), Indira Nagar

MK Retail at CMH Road
Baking Accessories at MK Retail

1. Tins and Trays
2. Fondant modeling tool kit
3. Cookie cutters
4. Icing nozzles
5. Essence, castor sugar, demerag sugar
6. Canned Cheery and Pineapple
7. Cupcake liners
8. Britannia Cream Cheese
9. Kulfi mold

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rich Palette and Seafood Delicacies of Kerala

Appam and Stew and more
Online Fish Curry Lessons
If you ask me what's t my fav of all Kerala dishes, the it's not going to one answer. With so much variety in food brought in by different influences and culture, Kerala's food platette is as diverse as the people.

Kerala culinary spread will take anyone through the diverse food taste which are in all forms and flavors. The wide choice are a plenty - from fish varieties, meat dishes, vegetables, dessert (payasam) and unique snacks.

From Austria with Love

I always love to write letters and receive letters. We have lost that art now.
Two days back the postman knocked at my door and handed over a cover and it says from Austria. I was surprised to receive a letter from Claudia Mitterer who had come to me around 3 years back for Indian cooking class. Had a lovely two days cooking class with her along with her husband. Stefan owns a bakery in Austria and was checking with them about the Breads they bake.
Now the letter which I received from them is something which I will cherish my whole life . They have remembered me so well that I was touched by her words and was close to tears when I read it.
I also received lot of notes with regard to bread baking which for sure will make me improve myself.

Thanks for the cookie cutter too!
Love to both of you

Letter and Cookie Cutter
From Austria with Love

Monday, September 25, 2017

To Fish With Love

Every fish curry has a story to tell. Well, a story about the fish, the catch, it's journey and the hands that made it.

When I landed in Bangalore from Hyderabad, I was never a fish lover. I was more at home with rice and pappu charu or just a coconut chamandi, white rice and omelette.

But then, things slowly began to change after I tied the nuptial knot with a fishy person who's hell bend on having fish everyday irrespective of the time. Well, fishy is the least I can call this maverick who wants fish for breakfast to dinner. Here an earlier post on sardine cleaning which he does without any complain, neither do I have.

At first I found it odd, a bit repulsive of fish smell early in the morning....but as most things in life, we get conditioned. So, I too fell into the fishy way of life.

In some time, I too started liking fish, especially sea fish. Initially I didn't know if the fish is fresh but now I know from the bite if the fish cooked is fresh or not. Though, I'm still a novice when it comes to buying fish from the market, I'm now a more seasoned fish eater. Also, I have learned many a tricks and tips on making Kerala style fish curries!

Fish Molly made on a traditional clay pot 

Ladies Selling dried fish in front of Nagapattanam Railway station

What about fish can kappa?

Fish at Kumarapuram junction, Trivandrum

Fish molly and bread ( aahh)

Sear fish in coconut gravy ( Ecstasy for Keralites)

Boiled rice, two fish curry and moru curry 
Fish Ready

It's Ayala ( Mackeral)

Happy Feet Macaron

French Macaron at Trivandrum
Ask anyone who've tried making French Macaron about their first attempts.... Well, there's are many a reason this this tricky recipe can go wrong, esp on the first or the second attempt. When I learned French Macaron, I came back with all the confidence to crack it in the first attempt. But, it took me many, many more attempts to see sight of feet and prefect looking ones. 

These are the problems many face in the making process

No feet forming 
Not getting stiff peak consistency
Batter goes runny
Crack on the shell
Hollow shell 

Btw, what problems did you face? And let me know how you overcame?

Here're few things I learned in the process. One is about checking the temperature inside the oven. I keep an oven thermometer to constantly keep an eye on the heat. Too much or too less is one reason to make it go wrong. Btw don't always believe on what you see on the dial of your OTG.

Apart from this, here's a good resource on French Macaron troubleshooting. Check it out!

Sun Drying Baking Pans

What's left after a baking class?

Dozens of baking tins, spatulas, and many many measuring spoons and cups. The main work behind each class is not the session, it's the pre and post class works.  All the baking tutors know about this and has a one point of time done a lot of washing, and drying.

This is the pic of my backyard where all the baking tins are kept for sun drying. I would like to see and know how you manage to clean the mess after the class.

Backyard in Trivandrum ( Baking tray, bowl and tins)

Floral Delight Trivandrum

Arranging flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day - like saying a prayer. #happymonday .
Picked up some flowers,leaves, stones and twigs from #mygarden and made a wild flower arrangement. #flowerarrangement
Leaves, ivy and bloom from the backyard 

All set - Lilly, roses, filler flowers 

At work 

Three arrangement Taught in the Class

Flower arrangement is both an art and a science.

Whether you want to arrange flowers at home or for a party, this class will give you a great foundation on the technical tricks of flower arranging as well as composition, color, and design.

This class will cover the basics of floral design, and the technical tricks of flower arranging and conditioning. Also, You’ll also learn the underpinnings of great floral design including color, symmetry, composition and design.

You’ll make three types arrangment in the class -
1. Mass arrangement
2. Shallow
3. Tall arrangment

The class will also cover the basics like the shops to buy, how to select the right flowes, flower cutting and tricks for helping them last longer.

Carry home the must-know tips and don’t miss the tips for prolonging the life of your flowers with pre-arranging treatments.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Flavors of North Indian Cooking

You have to be confident in who you are and what you're doing. Of course, you try to evolve.
I would never tell you, 'Today is the best I will ever be.' I'm always trying to be a better trainer, a better person.
After the Indian Cooking Lessons 

Melissa from Minnesota came down to Bangalore and want to learn more about the Indian spices, and ingredients used in Indian cooking. As she had prior knowledge of cooking, it was relatively easy and fun taking her through the recipe and process.

Any classes I take is not just about sharing my knowledge, but it's always learning many things about their cuisine, taste and learning from them.

I also learned few knife skills from her, as she had learned while studying at Le Cordon Bleu.

Loved teaching her.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Baking Classes at Trivandrum - July 2017

Baking is one of my many hobbies. I was originally introduced to baking as a child by my grandmother. I continued to bake for friends and family throughout the years for special occasions. I began to create themed cake after receiving continued requests from a lot of my friend and now I love this Journey.

23 days of workshop at Trivandrum was a wonderful journey with my intern Dhanya. She is passionate about baking and loves her work, she left her full time job at IBM and started her journey of passion. Wishing her all the best!! A big thanks to Sindu who helped me to run the show. Looking forward to work with many more inters and trainees in the coming months.

This workshop I started a new session which is flower arrangements. Buying professional bouquets can be expensive, but nothing brings a house to life like fresh flowers And although it can sound tricky, arranging flowers is a skill that’s simple to pick up on. I had a beautifull lovely session with flower arrangement on basic with one student, was so happy and thrilled about the whole thing, looking forward to do more of flower arrangement classes.

Once again Thankyou Trivandrum City for the response to my classes. A big hug and thanks to all the students who had turned up for different classes. Looking forward to your bakes and see you all soon on 19th August 2017 for more fun and bakes.
Bakes in Trivandrum

Cake Class For Trivandrum ( Click on the link for class schedule)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Restaurants Serving Onam Sadhya in Bangalore 2017

 Onam Ashamsakal to all  ...

Another Onam has come! It's time to dress up in Onam kodi, prepare Onam Sadhya or meetup with relatives and friends. Sadly, for most people living in Bangalore, Thiru Onam is another work day. We hardly buy special clothes for Onam, as we have the habit of virtual shopping. And sadhya is mostly from a near by a Kerala hotel.

List of  restaurants serving onam sadhya in Bangalore

Ente Keralam - Onam Special
Onam Spread at Ente Keralam
Feast your senses with a massive spread of 27 traditional dishes from Ente Keralam.
Your Onam Sadhya can't get any better!

Ente Keralam
No: 12/1, Ulsoor Road, Ulsoor,
Bangalore – 560 008
Tel: +91 7846830749 / 080-41133707

Onam Sadhya at Shaap

Happy Onam from Shappy People 
Location: Koramangala and at Indira Nagar
Onam Sadya at Rs 400

At Indira Nagar
1010, 13th Main Rd,
HAL 2nd Stage,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 56000

At Koramangala
487,1st A Cross Rd, Opp Krishna Temple, 5th Block, Koramangala
Bangalore, India 560095
Highlights info row image
080 4153 0004

The Paul, Bangalore

139/28 Domlur Layout, Off Intermediate Ring Road,
Bangalore, India 560071

Onam Sadhya is served in this time slots:

12:AM  to 1:PM
1;15 PM to 2:15 PM
2: 30 PM to 3:30PM
Rates Rs 1,700 ( Tax inclusive)
For reservation: Ph# 080 4047 7777
Sadhya Date: 4/9/17


Salt Mango Tree
Located at Indira Nagar and Whitefield
Salt Mango Tree

Sadya Treat at Salt Mango Tree

Onam Sadhya at Rs 445 only from 1 to 3rd
on Thiruonam day (Sept 4) it's Rs 545

Takeaway kit of Onam Sadhya at Rs 675

Coconut Groove at Church Street

Coconut Groove 
Coconut Grove
86, Spencers Building, Church Street
Bangalore, India 560001
Highlights info row image
080 2559 6262

The GRAND ONAM SADYA at Coconut Grove, Church St. encapsulates a fragrant and lavish Onam lunch rich with authentic kerala flavours in an assortment of 28 vegetarian Malabar delicacies offering a range of sweet, spice and everything nice! Come celebrate Onam with us on Monday, the 4th of September and let us be proud hosts of your Onam Sadya lunch!


Onam Sadya at Aju's Cafe