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After a gap of 2 years, I'm back to my city for another session of baking workshop. In this long gap lot of things has changed for everyone and I had my share of highs and lows.

In this upcoming  class, I've introduced 4 new classes. For the first time, I'm conducting art classes ( Decoupage Class) and also Terrarium class conducted by my husband.

The class calender is posted below. Please feel free to call me for details or Whatsapp me at 9379398865, 8861389165


Baking Lessons in Hyderabad from August 2 till 5.

August Class Details

2/8/18 ( 10:AM to 1:PM)

Terrarium Workshop

Join this workshop to know all about the terrarium craze. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create living piece of art in a glass bowl and in a container.

Each participant will be provided glass vase, some cool succulents, soil mix, accessories and tools to pot these plants into their new glass home.

Fee Rs 2,900
2/8/18 ( 2:30 to 6:PM)
 Decoupage  - For Beginners
Are you excited to learn how to decoupage?

Decoupage can be learned fairly quickly in just a few steps. It can be done with decoupage paper, with fabric and paper napkin.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to decoupage on wood, glass and metal and learn the finer techniques to achieve a perfect finish.

Rs 2,800

3/8/18 ( 10:AM to 1:PM)
Bread ( Learn 5 types of Eggless bread)

Bread Making Class 

Learn to make healthy, oven fresh and homemade Breads!

If you have never baked bread, or looking for the right techniques to bake homemade breads, then this class is for you.

In this bread baking class, you'll learn to make 5 types of bread ( Milk Bread/Multi-grain Bread, Cinnamon Roll, Buns, Stuffed Buns, Dinner Rolls).

Fee Rs 1,900


Date: 3/8/18, Time: 10:AM to 1:PM

Cookies ( Egg-less)
Cookies -  Learn to make homemade cookies

Cookies have become so popular with people of all ages - from kids to grownups. That's the reason why this class is popular with people looking to make cookies that are crumblier, crisper and more buttery in flavor.

If you are new to making cooking, then you can join and learn 5 popular egg-free cookies:

1. Masala Cookies
2. Coconut Cookies
3. Peanut Butter Crinkles
4. Short Bread Cookies

Contact Marina at 9379398865, 8861389165 for details

Fee Rs 1,800
Date: 4/8/18 ( 10:AM to 1:PM)

 Cupcakes ( Class for Beginners)

Cupcake Class

If you are new to baking, then here's a class where you'll learn the tips and tricks to a successful bake cupcake every time. In this 3 hrs, you'll learn the methods, process and few tips for making prefect cupcake at home.

Here are the cupcakes you'll learn:
Learn 5 types of cupcakes(Vanilla, Strawberry, Orange Marmalade, Chocolate and Dry fruits)

During the class you’ll learn about:

• Steps, process and tips for making cupcake
• Know how to make the batter
• Practice basic piping on cupcakes
• Learn how to use oven ( OTG)

What do you need to bring?
No previous experience is needed for this class. All you need to do is bring yourself, enthusiasm and your love of cupcake, as all ingredients, equipment and tools will be supplied on the day.

Fee Rs 1,600

5/8/18 ( 2:30 to 6:PM)

Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Cake

Red Velvet and  Death by Chocolate Cake
Everybody Deserves Great Cake!
If you fancy making these attractive and popular cakes impressively topped with icing, then it's time to make it a reality. In this 3 hr class, you'll learn the recipe, and steps to make Red Velvet cake & Chocolate Cake.

It's time you gave a pleasant surprise to your friends or guest with a cake made and handcrafted by you.

In this Saturday class, is suitable for people who are interested to learn a new skill or further develop their baking knowledge.

Date 4/8/18
Time: 2:30 to 6:PM
Location: Hotel Grand Solitaire ( Annexe) , Park Lane, Secunderabad

Fee Rs 1,900
For more details, pls call 9379398865, 8861389165
5/8/18   Sunday ( 10:AM to 1:PM)

New York Cheese Cake and Chiffon Cake

Orange Chiffon Cake and  New York Baked Cheese Cake

Baked New York Cheesecake is one of the world’s most popular cakes and, if made using the right process and quality ingredients, its one of the most delicious.

This Orange Chiffon Cake has the flavor of oranges and is both light and fluffy with a moist and tender crumb

This class on ( 5/8/18, 10:AM to 1:PM ) you using simple steps to make richly flavored, creamy, sweet and tangy, cheesecake, and other popular desserts

Sunday ( 2:30 to 6:PM)

Fondant Cake Decoration 

Fondant Icing ( Cake Decoration) Level 1
In the Fondant cake decoration class, you'll pick the steps and tips to:

1.Make homemade fondant dough ( Save from buying ready-made fondant)
2.Learn the fondant dough kneading techniques
3.Know how to colour the fondant
4.Learn how to make basic designs using fondant dough
5.Learn to make bows, ruffles, flowers, leaves
9.Learn how to ganache the cakes.

Also, you'll get a printed recipe to make fondant. In the end of the class, you'll
  • Take home the cake decorated by you.
  • Fondant modeling tool kit.
  • Finally, gain the confidence to decorate cake 

Fee Rs 3,600


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