Baking Class in Hyderabad

 Hello Hyderabad Baking Enthusiasts!
I'm happy to share the details of baking and cake decoration class in August 2016. This class is happening after a long gap and for that reason there are new session for people who like to gain knowledge in baking and icing.

The class starts on August 25, till 28, 2016.Here're few questions students have about this class:

1) Do I have to register for all session or can I choose one session?

It's upto you to choose what classes to attend. You can register for one or more session.

2) What should I bring for the class?
All ingredients, notes and equipment is provided in the class. In short, you don't have to bring anything for the class, except a willing mind and an open heart to learn baking. Moreover, you can carry back the items you make in the class. :)

3) I'm new to baking, will I learn baking in 3 hrs?

  All these classes are taken from scratch and it's a handson class, where you learn by doing in the class. All the classes are designed for people who are new to baking or cake decoration. The people who have joined for these sessions are from the age group of 9 years to 70. plus.

3) How to register for the class or know more details of the baking class?

You can call 8861389165 or 9379398865 to register. All you need is to leave your name and number to book a seat for the class.

Baking Class in Hyderabad ( Nov 26 to 29)

Class Calendar

August Class Calendar ( Click to view)

Class Details

1 day workshop on 25/8/16
August 25 ( 10:AM to 4:30 PM)

1 Day workshop
4 cakes & 4 Icing( Fee is Rs 4,900)

August 26 ( 10:AM to 1:PM)

Bread ( Learn 5 types of eggless bread)
Bread Class for beginners ( Learn 5 types of breads)
Fee is Rs 1,800

2:30PM to 6:PM
Eggless Baking ( Learn 3 types of eggless cakes - Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Cake and Eggless Cupcake)
Fee is Rs 1,600

August 27 (10:AM to 1:PM )
Cupcake & Basic Buttercream Icing ( 5 types of cupcakes)
Rs 950

2:30 to 6:PM
Fondant Icing ( Decorate using fondant icing)
Rs 3,600

August 28  10:AM to 1:PM Blackforest Cake & Pineapple Pastry ( Fresh cream icing)
Rs 1,600

2:00:PM to 6:PM
Buttercream Icing ( Practice and learn to use buttercream icing)
Rs 3,600

Buttercream Icing ( Aug 28 2:PM to 5:PM)
Learn to make buttercream icing, practice using piping bags, make designs, etc

Blackforest and Pineapple Pastry ( Aug 28, 10:AM to 1:PM)
Fresh cream pastry cake, delicious and moist. When decorated with chocolate curls, it will turn out as classic Blackforest cake. Once done, you can top it with extra fresh cream. A tasty dessert is ready!.

Cupcake Class ( Best for Beginners)
 In this cupcake class, you'll get hands-on experience to make 5 Types of cupcake. During this
session, you'll learn:
  • A gain strong foundation in baking
  • Take home the proven cupcake recipe
  • Learn the techniques and process
  • Handy tips to keep in mind while baking
  • Details about the places to buy baking ingredient in Hyderabad
  • Know how to bake cakes using an OTG

Fondant Icing ( Cake Decoration) Level 1
In the Fondant cake decoration class, you'll pick the steps and tips to:

1.Make homemade fondant dough ( Save from buying ready-made fondant)
2.Learn the fondant dough kneading techniques
3.Know how to colour the fondant
4.Learn how to make basic designs using fondant dough
5.Learn to make bows, ruffles, flowers, leaves
9.Learn how to ganache the cakes.

Also, you'll get a printed recipe to make fondant. In the end of the class, you'll
  • Take home the cake decorated by you.
  • Fondant modeling tool kit.
  • Finally, gain the confidence to decorate cake 


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