Friday, January 27, 2017

Gratitude 2016

I am grateful for a unique experience which happened on 17th December 2016.
It was one of the busiest day, the day of 5 Cakes and 5 Icing workshop which was happening at Trivandrum , when the session was about to finish I heard my door bell, to my surprise one of my old student (Mini) was there. She said I need to speak to you Mam, told her to please wait till the session get over and I got back to my class and completely forgot about her.
About half an hour later someone said there is a gang of girls outside waiting for me. I was shocked to see many of my old students waiting along with Mini to meet me.
They have come to wish me Christmas with a beautiful greeting card , a cup which says –“ The best Teacher” and a wonderful gift – An Air brush, which we use for our spray painting in Icing. I already have one but wanted to buy one more for Trivandrum classes since I carry it up and down all the time.
In the year 2016 Santa Clause had gone through my wish list and blessed me abundantly and gifted me two things which I wanted the most. Kenwood from my bro and Air brush from my students.
I wanted to say thanks for the wonderful year 2016... and share my gratitude for everything I've been blessed with. Family, friends, students and continued support from everyone.
Happy New Year to everyone. Wishing you each a healthy and grateful 2017

Lost Art of Letter-writing

I love writing letters and receiving letters. It's so sad that we've lost the art of letter-writing and the charm of saving correspondence.
Sending Christmas and New year cards used to be a norm before the digital era. The first signs of change came with ecards and then it too disappeared. Ask people about sending cards and you'll hear a common thread - who has the time to buy cards, and post them.

Exceptions Remain 
To my surprise this year on 26th Dec 2016, I received a greeting card through post, a cute little Christmas card from my cute little(now she is grown up) cousin Maria Jacob.
Thank you so much dear, I will cherish it forever.

In love with Pathanamthitta City

A year back I got a call from PATHANAMTHITTA CITY enquiring about my class details at Trivandrum. I was quite surprised to see her for my one week session. The time, dedication and passion she had in learning was amazing and also found her as very warm person were everyone would love to keep in touch with her.

She came to meet me with her family after my Surgery and invited me to her home, since I wanted a change of place and want to relax for a day, we took this opportunity to be there.
Good food and a warm kitchen are what makes a house a home. I experienced it at Sujo's home, she is so magnificent that she stretch so much to make you feel at home. She valued beautification in every area of her life.
In two days we had a wide spread of cuisine cooked with so much of love by Sujo. And the caring Sajan and kids Mahima and Shobith took us around the Elanthoorr, Pamba RiverAdavi EcoTourism Bowl Boat Riding, Konni and Konni Elephant Cage and Sajan's brother Aji runs a Home stay The Mannas Veedu at Elanthoor which is worth staying, check it out for more details
I want to thank the entire family for making us feel at home and looking forward to meet you all again.