Baking Class - Trivandrum

Schedule of  May 2014 Baking Class Dates: ( 31st May and 1st June 14) Saturday and Sunday

Date & Time
Baking Class
Details of Each Class
31st May
( Saturday)
10 AM – 12:30 AM
Basic of Baking
Cupcakes & Tea Cake
Learn baking from the scratch ( learn about the ingredients, measurement, 5 types of cupcakes, tea cake and fudge icing)
31st May
( Saturday)
3 PM – 5:30 PM
Black Forest
Pineapple Pastry

(Learn to these popular cakes in your home)
Also, learn to use fresh cream icing
1st June
( Sunday)
9:30 AM –1:30 PM
Fondant Decoration
Learn to make fondant icing from the scratch. Learn to make fondant sheet, spreading technique, colouring, and finally making the themed cake. 
1st June
( Sunday)
3 – 5:45 PM
Buttercream icing 

Fill and use a decorating bag
Coloring the buttercream
Decorate barbie doll with rosette designs 
Take Home a tool kit - 6 Nozzles, palette knife, rose pin and piping bags
Take home decorated barbie doll

Pls call at 09379398865 for details or to register for the class. (limited seats) - Marina

31st May 2014 ( 10:AM to 12:30 AM)
Cupcake, Tea Cake and Fudge Icing 
  1. Learn 5 Types of cupcake filling 
  2. Tea cake
  3. Learn to make Fudge icing
  4. Take home the proven recipe
(This class is best for beginners and those looking to perfect cupcake recipe.) You'll get a clear all doubts on baking...
  • Know more about baking ingredients
  • How to measure the ingredients
  • Batter folding techniques
  • More tips on baking 
  • Where to buy baking ingredients in Trivandrum

31st May - Pastry Class 
  • Pineapple Pastry
  • Black Forest Cake

1st June - Fondant Icing ( Ruffled Cake) Morning Class

Learn how to make the fondant Icing from the scratch and decorate your own cake

1.Learn how to make the fondant dough from the scratch
2. Coloring, rolling and spreading on the cake
3.Learn to make theme based cake
6.You carry home the decorated cake and the fondant modelling tool kit with you. 

1st June (3 PM to 5:45) Butter cream Icing 

Buttercream is more spreadable than most icings. Use for icing cakes, piping rossette designs, etc.

Course Includes
Make icing the right consistency to decorate
Fill and use a decorating bag
Coloring the buttercream
Use rosette design

Take Home
Tool Kit includes - Set of 6 nozzles, and piping bags
Carry the decorated barbie doll


Karthika Santhosh said...

Where are these classes conducted in Trivandrum?

Karthika Santhosh said...

Where are these classes conducted in Trivandrum?

Marina Charles said...

Karthika the classes are held at Poonthi Road, Kumarapuram, Trivandrum

Angela Richter said...

Hi! Are there classes in June/July?


Marina Charles said...

Hi Angela, The next session of baking class at Trivandrum will be in August.



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