Baking Class - Trivandrum

Hello Trivandrum!

I'm happy to share new baking, and cooking lessons for the month of August, 2015. Feel free to call me at 08861389165,or at 09379398865 for details regarding each class. 

Baking Class Schedule -  August ( Trivandrum)

Date: 19/8/2015 Time: 10:AM to 1:AM

Chocolate Making ( Making and Packing)

3:PM to 6:PM

Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate and Vanilla cake

Date: 20/8/2015 Time: 10:AM to 1:AM

Homemade Breads ( 5 Types of Breads)

3:PM to 6:PM

5 Types of Cookies

Date: 21/8/2015 Time: 10:AM to 1:AM

Blackforest Cake and Pineapple  Pastry Cake

3:PM to 6:PM

3 Types of Puffs and Crossiant

Date: 22/8/2015 Time: 10:AM to 1:AM ( Saturday)

Basic of Baking - Cupcakes and Icing on Cupcakes
( Best for beginners)

3:PM to 6:PM

Ghee Cake, Marble Cake, Tutty Fruity Cake

Date: 23/8/2015 Time: 10:AM to 1:AM ( Sunday)

Fondant Icing

3:PM to 6:PM

Buttercream Icing

Pls call at 08861389165 ,09379398865 for details or to register for the class. (limited seats) - Marina

August 22, 2015 ( 10:AM to 12:30 AM)
Cupcake and Icing
  1. Learn 5 Types of cupcake filling 
  2. Learn to make Buttercream icing
  3. Take home the proven recipe
(This class is best for beginners and those looking to perfect cupcake recipe.) You'll get a clear all doubts on baking...
  • Know more about baking ingredients
  • How to measure the ingredients
  • Batter folding techniques
  • More tips on baking 
  • Where to buy baking ingredients in Trivandrum

August 22, 3 PM -  

Get hands on experience to make blackforest
 and pineapple pastry.

In the class, you'll learn to make layered chocolate cake filled in with whipping cream and topped with cherries.

Also, you'll learn the basic piping techniques to decorate the cake..

            make 'em, bake 'em and eat 'em.

August 23, Fondant Icing, 10:AM 

Techniques which you will learn in this class.
1.Making fondant dough from the starch
4.Basic shapes
9.Learn how to Ganache both layer cakes. 

Take away the printed recipe of homemade fondant

  • cake decorated by you.
  • Fondant modeling tool kit.
  • One set of plunger cutters
  • And confidence to make your own fondant cake

Buttercream Icing - August 23, 2015, 3 PM

Learn how to make butter cream icing from the scratch.

  • Basket weave
  • Rosette
  • Shell design
  • Tool kit includes - 6 nozzles, piping bags and pallet knife


Karthika Santhosh said...

Where are these classes conducted in Trivandrum?

Karthika Santhosh said...

Where are these classes conducted in Trivandrum?

Marina Charles said...

Karthika the classes are held at Poonthi Road, Kumarapuram, Trivandrum

Angela Richter said...

Hi! Are there classes in June/July?


Marina Charles said...

Hi Angela, The next session of baking class at Trivandrum will be in August.


Haripriya said...

When will you post the schedule of next's month class? Presently im in thrissur

Priya T elly said...

Hi,Are there classes in Trivandrum after 15th of November ?

Marina Charles said...

Hi priya,

The next class is on 22nd November 2014, please call me at 09379398865


Suchithra Warrier said...

Hi Marina, I would like to know when is the classes for the month of March- April??

Raju Tigris said...

when will be the class in may 2015

Anisha S Kumar said...

hi.... will there be any classes after 2nd week of nov, 2015

Helen Peter said...

Hi Marina, I am from trivandrum and i am interested to learn the techniquies. Please tell me the fee details and the next session.thanks a lot.

sruthi said...

Hi mam, is there any beginners class in August?

Sini said...

Dear Ma'am,
Im looking for beginners baking class preferably Nov. But im staying far from kowdiar, will there be classes in the morning