Monday, August 29, 2016

Restaurants serving Onam Sadya in Bangalore -2016

Chingam Vanne Onam Vanne.. Ohoy..... For Malayalees, Onam is synonymous with grand vegetarian spread called Onam sadya, or the floral decoration which called as attam or the thiruvathira kali, where women perform a unique and slow dance or if you remember the younger days, it was Onam kodi ( new dress) which everyone used to wear during Onam time.

For me, Onam is a mix of all. It's about school vacation, going to my grand mother's house in Kazhakuttam, having siesta under the tree and the carefree and fun times with all the cousins. I feel all us have our share of Onam memories which might be quite different or similar to all of us

Onam Then and Now 2016 

Life in 80's or 90's is all different from the current Whatsapp era. Today, life has become more superficial like the 'likes' we get on Facebook page. Well, we know changes are inevitable, but today's fast paced change is like a science fiction movie.

For Malayalees living in Kerala or those living outside the state, life too have changed. Many of us has prospered, we're going places, we have more comforts, etc. However, there're few things which we cherish. And, one such thing is the Onam Sadhya.

Onam Sadya - at home or restaurant

So, how are Malayalees settled outside or living in cities like Bangalore or Hyderabad or even in far away cities like Dubai or London celebrating Onam?

While it's typical for people have Onam sadya at home. But, the practical difficulty of making all the side dishes, payasam, etc makes them think of the next easy option i.e to have Onam sadya outside at a restaurant or at Kerala samajam  or a club.

If you're in Bangalore, there're quite a number of hotels and restaurants which serve Onam Sadya. Apart from the hotels, Malayalee association like East Cultural Association arrange different cultural activities during Onam time and sadya.

So, for those looking for a quick and easy Onam Sadya, here're the popular places to have Onam Sadhya in Bangalore.

1) Ente Keralam
Onam Sadhya at Ente Keralam

This restaurant located near Ulsoor is a crowd puller during Onam season. For those planning to enjoy the wide onam spread, Ente Keralam brings to you authentic  Onam sadya spread to its patrons. If you're planning to visit during thiru Onam day, make sure that you've an early reservation in place.

Onam Sadhya from Sept 5 till 12, Rs 495, plus tax ( serving only for Lunch)

Onam Sadhya on thiru onam day ( Lunch & dinner) 695, plus tax

Takeaway Rs 1,225 ( Serving for two)

Location of Ente Keralam: Old No 12/1 Ulsoor Road , Near Sultan Jewellers, Ulsoor, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
Phone: 080 3242 1002

Get home delivery through:
Call Ph # +919353039698

2) The Paul Bangalore

Onam sadya at Vembanad at The Paul, Bangalore offers a Onam sadya in the typical onam style ( sadya on ella). The onam sadya has over 14 dishes, and payasm and it's served only on thiru onam day.

14 th Sept lunch 12 to 3:30
1,350 taxes, ( Ella sadya, 14 dishes)

Located at Near Domlur flyover, 39/28, Amar Jyoti Layout, Domlur
Bangalore 500071

Call for reservations: 080 4047 7777

3) The Gateway Hotel Bangalore 

  Karavali at The Gateway Hotel, Bangalore, located at Residency Rd,

Date: 14th ( Sadya only at lunch time)

Rs 1500 for sadya ( all inclusive)
What's in the sadya: 13 items
Timing: 12:AM to 3:PM

4) Achayans 

   Rs 300 per plate
    Ph# 9620284

 5) Coconut Groove

     Rs 850 Per head
     Timing: 12 to 3:30
     Location: Church Street
     Reservation or details, call Phone: 080 2559 6262

6)  Bon south
      Onam Special buffet 850 ( all taxes)
      Location: Koramangala

        Slots 11:30 AM
                   1:00 PM slot ( Booked fully)
                   3:00 PM

7) Rasa

Onam Feast at Rasa

Rate 650 plus tax
Location: CMH Road
Timing from 11:45AM till 3:30 PM
Call 080 41518237 to reserve your seat

8) Kumarakom Restaurant

Cost of sadya Rs 470 + tax
Location: HSR Layout
For reservation call, Ph# 08065000114

9) Radha Hometel

Opposite SAP Labs,
Whitefield, Bengaluru
12:30 PM to 3:PM

Rate 550 plus tax
Call for reservations Ph # 08066226969

10) Little Home

Dining Rs 300
Parcel 350
Family Pack Rs 1000

Contact # 080 25525950
          080 25631504

1015, 80 Feet Road, 1st Block,
Near Wipro Signal,
Koramangala 1st Block, Bangalore

Timing from 1:PM

11) Onam Sadhya at Anju's Cafe, Ranga Sankara

Onam Sadya on Sept 11 at Anju's Cafe

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pot Luck -2 with my Students

"Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It's not about nutrients and calories. It's about sharing. It's about honesty. It's about identity."

On 9th August 2016, I conducted a Potluck - “Potluck with a Purpose!”, All the students who participated in the potluck event got a packet of lunch separately which was distributed to Regional Cancer Center(RCC), Trivandrum. We were able to give about 30 lunch packets to the needy

Around 25 Students gathered together and had a potluck were the students bought different dishes starting from fish fingers, Unnakaya, fish curry, chicken curry, chocolate cake, date and honey cake and wide range of desserts from Pink lady pie to rice payasam.

It was a platform for the students to share the doubts and queries about baking, Was amazed and surprised that I even had students who were coming from faraway places.

The Creative Hands shared the experience of the sales they had on 6th and 7th July at Women’s Club, Trivandrum. Thanks to all the volunteers who had done an amazing job Rajani Nair Tonia Lawrence Tess PradeepBincey Annamma John

It was a joyful event were we could plan bigger in the field of baking and cooking fraternity and also plan for a bigger bake and craft sale in the month of December 2016.

Thanks to everyone who had turned up for this Potluck event. A Special Thanks to Brinda Menon who had organized it in a beautiful way.

A Word From Each Person ( Knowing each other)

Caramel Delight

Dessert Session 

Special and Surprise Cake Gift 

All of Us Who Made The Show Happen

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bake and Craft Sale at Trivandrum

If you work just for money, you’ll never make it. But if you love what you are doing,and always put the customer first, success will be yours.”
A concept of selling your products was born on the potluck day which I had on 4th May 2016 at my home with my students, from there it has bloomed to a beautiful flower as "Creative Hands." We had an amazing 2 days sale on 6th and 7th August 2016.
A big thanks to Trivandrum City and also to all them who ran behind this to make it a success. Lisa Melbith Beena Enose Shinu Varghese Bindu Gs Gs Neethu Ann Mini Pradeep Anju Shibu Chithra Sreekumar Nabila Shanavas Aswani Abhiram Veena John Marietta Mathew Liji Jayalal Chittakath Rajani Nair Tess Pradeep Tonia Lawrence Bincey Annamma John
Looking forward to conduct the next event soon!!!!
Watch out this page for the next date - 
Painting on Ceramic vase

Customers at the venue!

Home treats for sale

Orchids for sale

Fresh and fast selling items!

Team of creative people!

Hand-made Jewelry on display! 

Red Velvet Cake!

My Little Brothers

I wish I could see my little brothers more.

We used to fight all the time during our childhood but now that I don't see them very often I cherish the time I have spend with them.
 — with Marvin Stephen Gomez and Martin Stephen Gomez.