Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bassa Fish Fillet in Soy Sauce

Basa Fish in Soya Sauce
Here's a little story about how I discovered basa fish ( Vietnamese fish ) in Bangalore.

For me cooking or baking are stress busters. Apart from these two diversions, retail therapy diverts my mind from other nagging priorities. So, on this day I went to Garuda Mall for window shopping. At this shopping mall, I noticed that Westside has opened a super market division. While I moved inside the frozen meat section, I noticed a unique food packed, with the label - Basa Fish.

Flash Back....

First time I had Basa fish was at 'Barbecue Nation', grill hotel at Indira Nagar. My brother gave us a treat, and we spare no effort to east as many prawns and fish as our tummy could tuck in. While having this white fish at this grill joint, the chef explained the name of the fish and answered our queries.

Now at Westside, I checked for the price of this fish from Vietnam. It's Rs 220/- for half kg packet.

On an impulse I took one packed of Basa Fish in my shopping cart and proceed to the counter. Another delight waited at the billing counter.  I was told that I have accumulated credit card points, and very happily I purchased BASA fish for FREE.

The same evening, I had a train to catch to Hyderabad. So, I prepared basa fish this way. At first I grilled the fish for 10 minutes. Next I put onion, green chilies, herbs and spices and then shallow fried in a pan with soya sauce.

After the preparation, me and my partner both devoured the entire half kilo in less that a hour. I'm happy to try out something new, and more happy with the result.

Jai Basa

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