Thursday, January 30, 2014

South Indian Thali Meals Cooking Class

South Indian Cooking Class - John and his girl friend, they enjoyed the rice payasam and lemon rice more than anything. When I told them you need to eat the rice first with ghee and dal, he was confused with ghee and immediately said " Ghee is what that Blue Guy loves eating" I asked who is that Blue Guy and he said Lord Krishna. Menna's Indian Cooking Class Bangalore
South Indian Thali 

Relishing the Southern Spead 
For every 10 North Indian cooking class, I have one person coming for South Indian cooking class. Sometimes I wonder why most foreigners prefer paneer butter masala or malai kofta instead of sambar or lemon rice.

So, for a change I had these two people from U.K opted for South India Cooking. 

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