Friday, February 6, 2015

Gift of Crepe Maker

I love giving gifts, especially to kids. Of course, receiving gifts is equally existing. So, when my younger brother gifted me the crepe maker, I was so much over the clouds.
I still remember my birthday gift he had given me in the year 1999, It was my first OTG oven ( Singer). Though I had this oven, I hardly baked, except during Christmas time.
How a Crepe Maker Works?
After keeping this gift intact for two weeks, I opened it make the first step from the electric crepe maker. This equipment is simple, as it works like a hot plate stove. All you need is to switch it on, and then pour the batter and use the wooden ladle to make it into a fine round shape.

Well, it sounds simple, but some practice is required to get your hand do the trick. Here's the simple crepe recipe to make it in your kitchen.

First Crepe from the Crepe Maker

Crepe ( Ready to Go)

Sugar powder on Crepe

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Haddock said...

Your finished crepe looks yummy