Saturday, August 15, 2015

Visit to St. Andrews

St Andrews Palli, Trivandrum

Way to St Andrews beach 

Beach View

Confessions, Confessions!

St Andrews Church View

St Andrews -  Resting Place

Oh, we rejoice!

St Andrews Beach View

St Andrews - Frontal View

St Andrews, Grotto
My mother's side come from St Andrews, a coastal locality in Trivandrum. Though I spend very little time in this place, I have fond memories of this place - people ( elders who have passed away) and time spent at Telma villa during my school vacation with cousins and brothers.

Apart from the relative base, I'm now in the process of discovering its unique cuisine. Surprisingly, the food made in many household in St Andrews have a different taste, flavor and even called differently than the typical Kerala cooking.

The distinctive food habits in St Andrews, could be from the external influence. For instance, Pork Vindaloo is popular in St Andrews, Trivandrum. It's also made by Anglo Indians and it's also popular Goan cuisine. Though the taste of vindaloo curry differs, all the dishes have the common tangy taste.

Another surprising fact about pork vindaloo is that, it's also made in some parts of Kollam and Cochin.

Nasi Goreng is another chinese food which my mom has picked from her mom. I'm sure no one in my family can beat my granny when it comes to cooking. She had a wide range of cooking skills, that it's a pity that we are no where close to her.

Here are few recipes, which are popular in my family.

1) Pork Vindaloo
2) Polly's Baked Chicken Mince
3) Scone
4) Orapam
5) Chilly Chicken
6) Churl Appam ( Crepe)
7) Plum Cake

So, what's the popular dish in your family? Is there any secret recipe or killer-taste food which is made in a family member? One suggestion - try to preserve the old family recipe. Don't let it die with a person, let the good taste last long for future generations.


Marina ( Menna)

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