Thursday, August 20, 2015

Restaurants serving Onam Sadya in Trivandrum - 2015

It's a been a long time since I have been in Trivandrum during Onam. So, this August, I'm extending my stay in Trivandrum to be here during Onam festivities. One thing I still relish is the road side illumination, shopping spree of  people and to be a part of the Onam crowd.

Already, electronic stores, textile shops and restaurants has started their pre-onam buzz. Offers, discounts, sale, are few ways how sales pickup during Onam time.

2017 Update  List of restaurants serving Onam Sadhya 
2016 update - Here's the list of restaurants serving Onam feast 

Hotels providing Onam Sadya in Trivandrum

1) Biverah Hotel Trivandrum 

Biverah Hotel, Kumarapuram, Trivandrum 
Call - 8069000603 to reserve your seat
Onam Sadhya rate- Rs 299
12:00 - 3:PM
Payasam - Rs 170 - 180

2) Imperial Kitchen

Imperial Kitchen

Rate: 279/- for Onam Sadhya
From 21 to 31st August
For reservation and details, call 0471 2311 789, 2311 798

3) Onam Payasam at Indian Coffee House, Spenser Jn, Trivandrum
Payasam - At Indian Coffee House

4) Onam Sadhya at South Park
South Park Hotel
5) Onam Sadhya Parcel at Steampot

Steampot - Onam Sadya

Location: Pottakuzhi
Phone: 0471 2553663
Onam Sadhya Parcel - 3 Pax - Rs 1,000/-
                                     5 Pax  - Rs 1,500/-

Hotel Classic Avenue

For details contact: 0471- 2333555.

Rate Rs 399/- ( All inclusive)
12:30 - 3:PM

7) Hotel Chaitram

Enjoy different varieties of payasam and Onam Sadhya on Thiru Onam day you can feast on 28 plus dishes on one platter. For details, contact: 0471-2330977.

Payasam available from 10AM to 10:PM

  • 1 ltr payasam - Rate is Rs 230 
  • 1/2 ltr payasam Rs 120/-
  •  1 cup payasam at Rs 30/- 
Onam Sadhya on Thiru Onam day at Rs 350/-
Time from 12:AM to 2:PM

Onam Sadya - 2016 (
Updated list of restaurants in Trivandrum serving Onam sadya)


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