Sunday, September 11, 2016

Food License for Home Bakers and Caterers

Akshaya Centre at Kumarapuram ( Simplifying Govt Process)
Trending in Kerala - Small Business Enterprises by Women
We're now witnessing a spurt in the growth of women run small business initiatives in Kerala. In Trivandrum, I know many women who have left their day job to purse their passion - to follow their heart's calling.

One such business is home-based baking and catering business. It appears that this trend is like the start-up culture in B'lore and else where. The best part in these ventures is the love and passion towards doing something they love. Moreover, it gives them the freedom, and motivation to do things their way.

However, starting a home-based baking biz is not a cake walk. In the initial stages, one has to be wear many hats - from being a cleaner, innovator, creator, marketer, delivery person, etc. As I read somewhere, it's important to stand out in the crowded and competitive market place

In a crowded and competitive market, how will you stand out?
Another important aspect of any biz is to find a niche and claim it. But, often in the race to get started, many people (including me) often try to be everything. It's kind of being jack of all trades. However, it's not a place to stay for a long time (Note to self :)

So, now you got an incredible idea to start a biz: So, what's next?

If you're starting any kind of catering or food related biz, ( from home based to five star), first thing you should have is food license. Taking a food license may be a hassle, but it's better to on the safe side of law, than to face any kind of problem with the authorities.

What kind of food license is required?

FSSAI license is mandatory for anyone involved in home based food biz to hotels.

Where can I apply for food license?

In the recent past Govt of Kerala has created another agency called Akshya to simplify many task related to applying of govt certificates to many licenses. This agency is a big relief to the public as you don't have to wait in front of dusty corridors to gain permission or certificates. |

So, you can approach Akshya centeres located in your locality for applying the food license.

What documents are required for applying FSSAI license?

Here're the list of documents to be submitted at Akshya centres for processing your application:

1) Passport size photo
2) Address proof
3) Photo ID proof
4) If own residence, then the corporation tax receipt. In case of rented building, then you can provide rental agreement.

Along with the documents, you need to pay an amount of Rs 100 ( for 1 year), depending on the tenure of the license.

In case the turnover of your business is over Rs 3000 a day, then you require a different license. In such cases, you the license fee if  Rs 5,000. 


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