Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cupcake Baking for Beginners in Bangalore

Joy of Baking Cupcakes

Cupcake Rising - Oven Baking

  • Are you new to baking? 
  • Are you familiar with the baking terminology, measurement, process, etc?
  • Do you know the ingredients used in baking?
So, you bought a new oven or you have a new-found passion/interest to bake. How do you go about baking and learning the rudiments of baking?  
If you're new to baking or you feel you need a strong foundation in baking, then I suggest you to start with the beginner level cupcake class.

In this class, I cover from the basics - learn the ingredients used in baking, the importance of measuring using standard measuring cups, setting of oven temperature, folding technique, knowledge on how cake rises, or to avoid common pitfalls of baking.

What's Covered in the Beginner level Cupcake Class?This 3 hr session is suitable for anyone who are new to baking and those who are with half-knowledge on baking or those looking to perfect their cupcake recipe.

Here're the topics covered in the beginner level cupcake class:
  1. 5 Types of Cupcake ( Vanilla, Strawberry, Orange marmalade, Chocolate, Dry fruits, ) 
  2. Basic buttercream icing on cupcake ( Learn to pipe simple design on cupcake)

Practice with Hands-on Experience 

In this class, you'll follow the process and recipe and make your own cupcakes. This hands-on practical session will help you to clear your doubts and it will help you to gain confidence in creating perfect cupcakes.

Fee for this 3 hr session is Rs 950 and you'll carry back the cupcakes make in the class. This class will usually have 3 to 6 people in one class. However, each person will get a chance to participate and bake own cupcake.

This class is at Domlur, Bangalore, and it's usually taken on Saturday morning ( 10:AM to 1:PM). However, each week class schedule is keeps changing. So, pls visit my blog to know about the upcoming baking classes in Bangalore.

In case you're are not able to attend this practical baking class, then you can register for the one-on-one online cupcake class. It is conducted through Skype. To schedule a Skype session, you can mail to or msg me at 9379398865.

Learn To Bake From Home - Online Cupcake Lessons ( Skype Class)

In the online class, you'll get a chance to bake along with me. These classes are a convenient way to learn as you can take this class at your own time and place. I also teach other cakes in the online cake class. You can check for the classes by visiting this Facebook Page

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