Friday, March 30, 2018

Kunafa - Arabian Dessert

I Met Afiya Thaha in one my fondant Icing class two years ago at Trivandrum, very creative and talented and was very much into cooking.
Afiya Thaha (lKunafa Girl)- the one in yellow dress


I was never surprised when  Kunafa ( Arabian dessert) became a hit in Trivandrum City, because she was a person always looking for creative stuffs.

 Yesterday was the first time I tasted Kunafa at Eve’s CafĂ© where she had kept it for sale. It had a very subtle creaminess and a very mild sweetness in it, loved and enjoyed   every bite of it.

Wishing Afiya Thaha  many more success  in the field of baking.

Check out her FB page for more detail about Kunafa .

There was an article about her in the The Hindu Newspaper

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