Friday, November 12, 2010


What is Orappam?

Orappam is a delicacy of Catholics in Kerala, most of us remember having it during Christmas or Easter in our childhood days.

It used to be long process at that time when our grandmothers used to make them, they manually squeeze the coconuts to get the milk and pound the rice and even burn coconut shells and place them on top of the pan to bake the Orappam. Now it is all simplified and used all canned products and Oven to make Orappam.

This receipe is for all those people who still remember eating orappam.

1 cup of rice flour
1/4 kilogram melted Jaggery(you can substitute sugar with Jaggery) Y
1 egg
Coconut milk taken from one coconut
1 tbls spn ghee
1/2 t spn cake Jeera/caraway seeds
1/2 t spn cardomom powder
1/4 tspn nutmeg powder
10 cashews broken in to pieces

Take half of coconut milk and add 1 cup of water to it and boil it. for 10 minutes.

Beat the egg and add the rest of the coconut milk, melted Jaggery, rice flour, spices and the ghee. Mix well. Add the boiled coconut milk along with the cashews.

In a thick bottom pan, heat the above mix on medium heat, stirring often. It will get lumpy as you cook and that is ok. Once the mix forms a thick lump( ie, there is no more liquid) put in to a 7 inch buttered cake pan. Level the top with a spoon.

Pour the coconut oil on top.

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees F( 170 C). bake it for about 20 minutes till the top is golden brown. Take it out of the oven and cool for 10 mints. Cut it in to slices and serve


Liz said...

Hello Marina,
I came here looking for the typical Orappam recipe that only St.A folk know how to make. I was delighted to see all the authentic recipes which my grandma used to cook for us. You can't imagine how wonderful it is to see it all here. Thank you so much. Wishing you a Happy Easter.

naveenchandranr said...

I want to eat Orappam

naveenchandranr said...

I want to eat Orappam

Anonymous said...

hi am fr malaysia my mum makes orappam every Easter. The only difference is we do not have jaggery instead white sugar,coconut milk, rice flour, ghee used to fry cashews and raisins. No eggs,cardomoms or any other spices mentioned. And both my dad n mom use to mention those day that they use to cook orappam with coconut husk placed on top of the pot cooked charcoal stove. My mum the cooking method is similar another sweet vivika or bibika but this has egg included.