Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cake Baking lessons in Bangalore

Black forest and Pineapple pastry cake made by my student Manasa in her class. Thanks to Manasa for her professional photographic skills, I have a good picture to showcase in this post. 

Strawberry torte and Fruit Gateaux 
Learn Cake Baking with unique hands on baking classes
Get solid foundation in baking or become an expert in baking exotic varieties of cakes. I've classes from basic level to pro. You can pick and choose the type of cake you like to learn for each class. If you're familiar with the basics, there are advanced varieties of cakes to learn from each baking session.

Varieties of Cake you can learn:
  • Cupcakes
  • Teacake
  • Black Forest Pastry
  • Pineapple Pastry
  • Swiss Roll
  • Death by Chocolate Cake
  • Fruit Gateaux/ Strawberry Torte
  • Coffee Streusel Cake/ Banana Loaf
  • Apple Cake/Banana Bread
  • Checkered Cake/ Red velvet Cake
  • Walnut cake with American frosting
  • Truffle cake/Mocha cream gateaux
  • Cheese Cake
  • Egg less Cake
  • Upside down Pineapple Cake
  • Rich Plum Cake
  • and more...
Icing class:
  • Buttercream Icing
  • Frosting
  • Piping techniques

Menna's Delight Baking Classes
Learn cake baking with easy to follow instruction and from one-on-one baking classes. You'll learn everything from measuring the ingredients to wiping & folding the batter and frosting a finished cake.

Details of baking classes:
  • Classes - On weekdays and weekends
  • Duration of one session - 2- 3 hrs
  • Timings - 10 am and 3 pm
  • Location - Domlur
  • Mobile # 9379398865
    Email: mennasdelight at gmail dot com
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Merina for all the recipe's provided.

I am Impressed with the below link, its very Informative.


Anonymous said...

i am shilpa i want to joing baking classes can i know when u r conducting class plz let me know in advance plz mail to this id

Marina said...

Hi Shilpa,

I conduct classes every day, there are two sessions in a day, morning 10am and evening 3pm. Will email you the details.


Anonymous said...

i am kalyani n i want to join the baking classes...can u plz let me know the fee detais n d duration of course details plz mail to

Anonymous said...

Hi Marina, this is Neha...want to learn baking. Can u plz give me the details as to when u r conducting class. Kindly mail it to Thx

Anonymous said...

hi marina please send details of the course to

sujanya gowda said...

hi maria, this sujanya..i want to learn bakingso can u plz send me ur course details. kindly mail it to
thank you

Anonymous said...

Please send the fee and location details to

Anonymous said...

Hi Marina, I want to join ur baking classes in the month of July will u please give me the details of the classes n the fee structure to this e-mail id

Anonymous said...

Hi Marina i m Ruchi & i want to learn cake baking can u plz mail me the fees structure & duration of learning @

DimpSums said...

Hi Marina, I am shifting to Bangalore in sept and would like to join your classes... Could you please mail me at with details about timings
and charges?


Hi, marina
I just want to join ur bakery classes,,as soon as possible.
So r u conducting ur classes in weekends ???
What is d fee structure???
Plzz send me d details on

Anonymous said...

Please send the fee and location details to

chanish said...

Dear all,

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