Monday, September 23, 2013

Delightful Tandoor Experience at Tandoor Restaurant

Lunch at Tandoor Restaurant, Bangalore

Finally the project lunch at Tandoor restaurant, at M.G, Road, Bangalore happened. Hurray! It all started with table reservation for two of us. And for a change, we were on time.

Thought the menu was pricy, it was suprising to see packed tables filled with familes, friends and few with foreigners/ expats. Probably, these are tourists who has stepped from the near by Oberoi or Taj Vivanta.

Succulent and tasty kababs at Tandoor

Ready for a bite of Naan

What we ordered - Naan and Butter Chicken

Two full size bellies in front of Tandoor Restaurant :-)

Positive Experience at Tandoor Restaurant, M.G, Road, Bangalore:

Awesome Starters - Kebab - Perfectly cooked, one of the best North Indian starter I ever had
Fast Service - Lightning fast service - Full marks
Smiling Customer Service -  Waiters with a pleasing disposition
Large Serving - Good quality in one serving ( one dish good for two)

If you love North Indian cusine or willing to explore, then I suggest you to plan a lunch or dinner at Tadoor restaurant at M.G, road . Though I tasted kebabs, naan and butter chicken, I feel rest items on the menu will match with quality and taste.

My suggestion to Tandoor's Mgmt:
Pls avoid using plastic covers while packing remaining food. Better, option would be to give a paper cover with Tandoor name on it. It would cost you more, but it's worth for your brand!

Also, your staff could suggest first timers like us on the size of serving.

Happy Lunch!

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