Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Still Indian Wine Viognier

B'day cake & Wine

Wine Roses & Still Indian Wine - Viognier
When it comes to wine I’m no connoisseur, I’m more at home with baking and find joy in cooking. But, off late I’m getting down to the nitty gritty of wine tasting. In one of the earlier wine tasting and food paringevent organized by GingerClaps, I got the first hand experience of 4 S's of wine tasting: Seeing, Swirling, Smelling and Sipping.

And now, here is my first experience still Indian Wine - Four Seasons Viognier.

I saved this wine for a special day – my partner’s b’day. And just before dinner, there was a strong downpour in Bangalore, apparently due to a low depression in Bay of Bengal.

Four Seasons Viognier, comes under the Still Wine category. Meaning, this mine contains no carbon dioxide. So, basically it’s devoid of sparkle or effervescent qualities.

Interestingly, Four Seasons Viognier is from the Western Ghats Wine, a region endowed with the perfect natural conditions for yielding fine French varieties of wine grapes.

Tasting this Indian Wine gave a whole new experience, a different taste than Merlot wine. The dry white wine with aroma from white peach presented an opulent lushness.

Call me totally unorthodox or na├»ve or even experimental. I had different accompaniment for this wine. I had couple of freshly baked cupcakes, and then the ended with tuna cutlet. I had to say this. Fish cutlet and still Indian wine was an awesome combo. Maybe, it’s the oddness, or the entire mood made, the moment more memorable.

Price for Four Seasons Wine - Viognier
Market price for this Indian wine is Rs. 650 per bottle. It’s the right price for the Indian wine. And you might as well gift this to your friend or have it for the next party.

More details on Four Seasons Wine


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