Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Cake Fruit Mixing Ceremony - 2013

Had a wonderful Christmas cake fruit mixing ceremony at my residence Cake Baking Class Bangalore today in Bangalore, this occasion gives an opportunity to bring people together. Everyone rolled up their sleeves, wore disposable gloves and dug into the chopped dry fruit mixture.

White and black currants, chopped raisins, ginger chips, orange peel, candied fruits, glazed red cherries, dates spices of ground cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves were heaped on a big bowl and hand-mixed with rum and caramel sugar, it turned over and over again amidst lot of cheering..

The sloshed dry fruits were carefully put away in porcelain jar and sealed with cloth to rest till a week before Christmas. The containers will be turned once in a fortnight to allow the liquor to coat all the fruits, a portion of it was taken home by the students.

We also baked a Christmas cake with the fruits which was already soaked for 8 months.

The Wine making session also went well with lot of energy from the students while crushing the grapes, even this was stored in the porcelain jar for it to ferment for 42 days.

Merry Christmas!!!

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