Friday, May 23, 2014

Make Lifelike Flowers

Learn the exclusive art of making beautiful real life like Flowers with Gumpaste in this hands-on workshop! 

Place a single Rose for that loved one or make a magnificent arrangement for a wedding cake! 

Flowers covered:

  1. Rose
  2. Ranunculus
  3. Tulips
  4. Stargazer Lillies
  5. Orchids

Not to mention, I will also be covering filler flowers to make a pretty bouquet!

I will be also covering air brushing, dusting and steaming of flowers.
Final Day of Sugar craft class in Trivandrum

Sugar Craft Flowers

First Batch of Sugar Craft Flower team ( Trivandrum)

Stargazer Lilly

Arty Creation


Sushie's World said...

Hi Marina..I am interest in the sugar craft classes, please let me know when you plan to have it next. for me first half in a working day fits better..kindly email me at with the fee.thanks!

Sushie's World said...
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Marina Charles said...

Hi Sushie,

Please contact me at 9379398865 for more details.

Many Thanks