Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Doing What I love - What about you?

As an self employed person, and constant work is my blessing. It’s a blessing because I get paid to do what I love. Something I'm passionate of doing even on a Monday morning.

I just finished a series of cooking lessons with Nicholas Pillai from Malaysia who himself is a cooking teacher and a chef. He has conducts various cooking classes in Malaysia. http://nicholaspillai.wordpress.com/author/nicholaspillai/.

During the class, I shared my little knowledge about South Indian cooking, including cooking tips and techniques, such as adding rice to appam batter to make it more soft, etc. Over a week's time, he learned a range of South India recipes such as Appam (hoppers), Iddiy appam (string hoppers), Kerala fish curry and Kerala and dum biryanis.

Check more class pictures and details at Menna's Indian Cooking Class Bangalore or visit this page for details of Indian 
cooking lessons in Bangalore
Pose with Biryani

Biryani - Bit high on seasoning 

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