Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Polly's Baked Chicken Mince

This baked chicken minced recipe is dedicated to my grand mom Polly Cruz. For me, she was one great cook and baker during her times.
Baked Chicken Minced

Since I spend my growing years away from her, I could learn very little from her. Still I managed to pick few tips and recipes from her.

I count my blessings often that I was allowed to watch over her shoulder as she stirred, sliced and added a pinch of this or that.

Amma (we used to call our grand mom ) had whipped up multi-course meals featuring real-deal of Malaysian style cooking in her 60's, with many of her recipes being passed on to us kids as oral renditions that often contained the phrase, "just eyeball it".

Amma wasn't big on measuring, and never did I ever see her crack open a cookbook, wished I could have learned much more from her.

This Baked Chicken Mince is one the recipe I have picked up from her and loved it like crazy, loved the crunchy crispy taste on the top and the moist softness inside. It is made almost like a Plum Cake.

Love you Amma for giving this recipe and wish she was around to guide me in my baking and cooking.

Ingredients used in this recipe: Maida, Butter, Spices, Eggs, Chicken Mince, Onion, Tomato, Potatoes, Coriander leaves.

This is best served in high tea.

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