Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Beyond the Recipe and Story of the Food

Why we choose a Recipe Book 

✤Is recipe book just about the recipe? What's more in it?
✤What tempts you to pick a recipe book?
✤Does your cook book collection say something about you? (Probably nothing)
These questions ran in my mind after I spend some time gazing at my recipe book collection.
I often end up buying new recipe book for different reasons - At times, it's the story around the recipe, or after seeing a familiar name or the sumptuous food photographs.

★These two recipe books are special - The Suriani Kitchen by Lathika George takes you through the spectrum of life, stories around food and has a collection of wonderful recipes.
★ The Tried Out Recipes (Ninth Edition) published by Inner Wheel Club club of Trivandrum comes with a big list of tried and tested recipes. They were the pioneers in Trivandrum, when it comes to culinary skill training.

Many people would remember their office in University Road at Trivandrum. Kudos to all the ladies who worked as a team - veteran chefs, homemakers, professionals and culinary instructors who did a fantastic job in running their Home Science Academy.