Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black forest Cake

Chocolate "sensation" Forested 
For a change, I tried out a different design while making Black Forest Cake.

At one glance the curls of chocolate and sprinkled chocolate powder on top of the white butter cream icing can thrill almost everyone. And the taste? Simply irresistible!!!

All I have to say to you is to liven up your cake creations with chocolate curls, or with new icing skills. Don't just follow the crowd, be unique, be outstanding.




Anisha said...

This looks awesome!!!

Marina said...

Thanks Anisha..

Mitha said...

when I googled for a black forest cake image,yours is the one of the best or rather the most handsome blackforest cake!!
am sitting and drooling at it !!

Marina said...

Thank you so much Mitha...

Mitha said...

hey Marina I had sent you an SMS previous day asking about baking classes in TVM for the month of february
I appreciate ur early reply so that can reserve my dates in advance
thank you

Marina said...

Hi Mitha,

I have not yet scheduled my Feb classes, will let you know as soon as I plan it. I will be conducting the Jan classes on 14th.