Friday, November 18, 2011

Simple Cupcake Delights

Chocolate cupcake with mocha cream icing

Red velvet cupcakes
Simple handcrafted cupcakes set for delivery.

You too can turn a simple vanilla cupcake into delightful one by choosing colorful icing and by decorating it your own icing skills. For these cupcakes, I used chocolate mocha icing.


Anisha said...

The cupcakes look so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marina, u have a wonderful blog. I live in bangalore. Could you pls let me know the name and address of the place from where u buy the cupcake liners,muffin trays, fondant dough and icing colors etc ? Waiting for ur response.

Marina said...

I buy the cupcake liners from Adams at Shivaji Nagar and I make my own fondant dough, the color's I use is Wilton colors.