Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rise of Food Trucks in Bangalore

Good news for foodies in Bangalore...There's a new trend in Bangalore City - food trucks are the latest rage. Recently while driving around Indira Nagar road, I happened to see a fleet of food trucks lined in one of the sub roads in the locality. It was dinner time and I wasted no time to explore the different dishes dolled by these food trucks.

The food on wheels has been there in Bangalore, but there has been a spurt in such kind of dedicated food trucks. These food trucks offer a varied line of food from sandwiches to Italian delicacies. Seeing all these food trucks, I too get the idea of starting one. Well, it's not as easy as it seems. There's a lot of work behind it, but someday I might try to sell my masterpiece chicken or beef cutlets in these vans.

Food Truck - Other Ideas to Explore
Probably, they can include food truck with exotic food or new varieties like: egg special ( imagine a truck with a egg design), a tandoor food truck ( hot chicken tandoor) , organic food, sandwiches, Coorgi food (pandi curry and sanas) , Mangalore cuisine ( crab roast, neer dosa), meat grills, all variety of steamed food ( tapioca, and other roots), libido boosting food, chocolate delicacies, fish varieties ( better be fresh), spicy Andhra cuisine, North East delicacies, etc.

Looking forward to many more food trucks

I love this! Design and Presentation!

Food Truck from "The Lalit"

S W AT Food Truck

Inside View of Food Truck

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