Sunday, January 17, 2016

New year - 2016

New year, New look, New start of the day... Looking forward to another wonderful 365 days.
Pose at Kovalam, with lighthouse view


Same Spot - meeee
Let me share few goals I long to achieve in this year:

1) Experience. ( Do you blog? If not, give it a start.)
2) Make practical use of recipe books, which are bought and unused. ( How many recopies did you try from the cook book you bought last year?)
3) Conduct more baking classes in orphanages and for underprivileged children. ( Share your knowledge - I hope you'll share more.)
4) Expert!!! Practice and train to be a specialist. ( Be a Champion in your turf)
5) Finally, plan and organize. ( It's a lifelong goal for all of us)
So, what's your vision for 2016?

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