Monday, September 25, 2017

Happy Feet Macaron

French Macaron at Trivandrum
Ask anyone who've tried making French Macaron about their first attempts.... Well, there's are many a reason this this tricky recipe can go wrong, esp on the first or the second attempt. When I learned French Macaron, I came back with all the confidence to crack it in the first attempt. But, it took me many, many more attempts to see sight of feet and prefect looking ones. 

These are the problems many face in the making process

No feet forming 
Not getting stiff peak consistency
Batter goes runny
Crack on the shell
Hollow shell 

Btw, what problems did you face? And let me know how you overcame?

Here're few things I learned in the process. One is about checking the temperature inside the oven. I keep an oven thermometer to constantly keep an eye on the heat. Too much or too less is one reason to make it go wrong. Btw don't always believe on what you see on the dial of your OTG.

Apart from this, here's a good resource on French Macaron troubleshooting. Check it out!

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