Monday, September 25, 2017

To Fish With Love

Every fish curry has a story to tell. Well, a story about the fish, the catch, it's journey and the hands that made it.

When I landed in Bangalore from Hyderabad, I was never a fish lover. I was more at home with rice and pappu charu or just a coconut chamandi, white rice and omelette.

But then, things slowly began to change after I tied the nuptial knot with a fishy person who's hell bend on having fish everyday irrespective of the time. Well, fishy is the least I can call this maverick who wants fish for breakfast to dinner. Here an earlier post on sardine cleaning which he does without any complain, neither do I have.

At first I found it odd, a bit repulsive of fish smell early in the morning....but as most things in life, we get conditioned. So, I too fell into the fishy way of life.

In some time, I too started liking fish, especially sea fish. Initially I didn't know if the fish is fresh but now I know from the bite if the fish cooked is fresh or not. Though, I'm still a novice when it comes to buying fish from the market, I'm now a more seasoned fish eater. Also, I have learned many a tricks and tips on making Kerala style fish curries!

Fish Molly made on a traditional clay pot 

Ladies Selling dried fish in front of Nagapattanam Railway station

What about fish can kappa?

Fish at Kumarapuram junction, Trivandrum

Fish molly and bread ( aahh)

Sear fish in coconut gravy ( Ecstasy for Keralites)

Boiled rice, two fish curry and moru curry 
Fish Ready

It's Ayala ( Mackeral)

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