Monday, June 14, 2010

Idiyappam/String Hoppers

Did you know that our popular Idiyappam's English name is String Hoppers? I learned this word from a recent conversation with my cousin.

Taking of Idiyappam, it goes well with veg stew or with yummy kerala fish molly/stew. Here's one veg stew recepie from a lady blogger and Fish Molly recipe from mallu spice.

Idiyappam is a very popular breakfast item in kerala. You get have this from most hotels in Kerala. These days it's served as a starter during marriage reception parties. If you're a vegetarian, you can have Idiyappam along with veg stew or if you're a non-vegetarian then you can try out with fish stew or with beef stew. 

Ingredients to Make String Hoppers ( Our own Idiyappam)

1 cup rice flour
1-1.5 cup hot water
salt to taste

Mix rice flour with hot water and salt and make it into a smooth dough. Now fill the dough in a idiyappam presser and press it on an idli pan. Steam for 5-10 minutes and serve them hot.

Idiyappams can be served with potato curry or egg curry but I love to eat with fresh coconut milk mixed with sugar

Toughest part of making Idiyappam

Sometimes the Idiyappam press get blocked. I put all my mighty strength to push the dough from the press. I wonder if there is any better way to make Idiyappam. I think wooden  Idiyappm press( idiyapam thaddus or Idiayappam Squeezer) is more difficult to handle. If you can't handle it, get help from any muscle man in your house.

There are other alternative pressing tools made of brass and aluminium. I feel that metalic Idiyappam press is easier to handle than the wooden press. Since I don't have one, you can tell me about it.

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