Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking to taste Appam and Stew in Bangalore?

Appam & Stew 
Are you looking for restaurants serving Appam and Chicken/Veg/Mutton Stew in Bangalore?

Here're the list of joints in Bangalore which serves Appam and stew.
  1. Koshy's serves Appam with chicken and Veg Stew 
  2. South Indies on 100ft Rd serves appam and Veg stew.
  3. All the Empire restaurants serves Appam with Chicken and Veg stew
  4. Coconut grove at church street 
  5. Kaayal at Jeevan bheemanagar.
  6. Ente Keralam at Ulsoor
  7. Coastal Junction 80ft road, Indira Nagar serves Appam and Muttom Stew
  8. Windsor Pub next to Kodava Samaj serves Appam and stew
  9. Appam Corner at Kamnahalli
If you're looking for homemade Appam and Stew in Bangalore, you can contact me at 9379398865. I don't prepare this before hand, so pls give me two days in advance to prepare the appam batter and for the fermenting process. I promise to do my best to make fluffy Appams and lip smacking stew you deserve.

If you have larger party order, contact me at # 9379398865 to enjoy traditional Appam and Stew or cutlet. I'm located Near Domlur BDA Complex. 

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