Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Greens from the Backyard = Ceylon Spinach

Have you seen this spinach? We Indians call this spinach by different names - Ceylon Spinach, Philippines Spinach,  Florida Spinach or Colombo Cheera. 

This common variety of spinach grows without much care in our backyards. After we moved to this house in Bangalore, we have the company of this ever green spinach. During the summer months, it was almost dried up, but with the shower, it has started to spread to its old glory.

This greens is know for its high protein content and its rich in vitamin A and C.
A world of caution, consuming large quantity is not advisable for those having arthritis and gout.

How to Use Ceylon Spinach
You can used in salads, or stir fried on in dal as I've done it today. Or you can make a toran and dal curry with it.

Ceylon Spinach (Talinum Triangulare) is also called Waterleaf
I Got Company 
Green, Green Backyard
Soak it in water for at least 15 minutes and rinse well.

Add oil, mustard, jeera and shallots and turmeric powder and saute for  few seconds

Now add the chopped spinach, cover and cook

Now add the grated coconut, jeera, garlic and green chillie along with salt and cook it well

To make Dal Spinach Curry, just add the cooked dal with lot of garlic, asafoetida powder and the cooked spinach. You can do different variations with the dal, just like the way make palak dal.

Once you've cooked it, you can have it along with hot steaming rice or chapati.  

This spinach is not available in the vegetable shops. Only few times, I've seen it in road side vegetable shops. If you have a terrace garden or kitchen garden, then you can easily grow it. All it needs is a bit of shade and lots of water.

And if you need its sapling, feel free to get it from my kitchen garden (backyard). 

Thanks and Enjoy.

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