Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Big lemon Chutney - The Coorg Style

Chutney - Coorgi Style
After a long gap, I took time off this Sunday to visit my friend who stays near Hebal. She being a Coorgi, treated us with home made ginger wine, pandi curry and akki roti. I couldn't resist the overpowering taste of all these Coorgi dishes. Of all the dishes, the biggest surprise was the big lemon (Ponderosa Lemon). This chutney made from coconut and big lemon had a really tangy element.

While I enjoyed both the pork and chutney, I also did'nt forget to ask the recipe from her. Also she gave me one Ponderosa Lemon, a papaya, a bottle of ginger wine and small plantain, all from her estate in Coorg.

So, without any delay I made chutney by following her recipe. So, here's the final product, with that tangy unique taste from Coorg.

Here're the Ingredients for making Lemon Chutney

lemon peels        - 2
Grated Coconut - 1/2 Cup
Green Chillie      - 2
Ginger grated     - 2 tsp ( This is my addition. You can go without it)
Salt to taste


Put all the above ingredients in the blender and make it into a fine paste. Season it with mustard, curry leaves and dry chillies. Serve it with akki roti and pandi curry.

 I bet you too can recreate the same or even better taste in your kitchen. :-)

With love from Coorg!

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