Sunday, July 12, 2015

Glimpses of Hyderabad City

I treasure a quaint love with Hyderabad city. It's the city where I experienced and encountered many things for the first time in my life. Thought I move of this place, I still treasure many aspects of this city - my college years at St Francis. The way we used to bunk classes to see movies, or how a group of friends used to stroll aimlessly, etc, etc.

It's here where I got the first job as a clerk. And, now I'm rediscovering this city. It's a place where I get a chance to meet so many new faces when I come down to conduct my baking and icing workshop. I wish to see and explore more of Hyderabad that I had missed in those years. I'll keep posting the places and experiences I have of this buzzing town.

Karachi Bakery 

Kolapuri Slippers - My one time fav

Think of Hyderabadi Biryani, and it's Paradise

Buddha across the street - Night Shot

Festivity in Charminar Side

Kulfi - I loved it.

Me @ the ever busy street.

Moon looms beyond this Iconic Place

Choodi Bazar - Dazzling as always

Another View

Vegetable sellers near Charminar

Visiting the Cemetery  

Garib Rath Train - Kacheguda Express


Ruchi negi said...

Loved this post...made me Karachi and paradise....good thing is Karachi is now available on big basket...can't forget shopping times at abids...nice pics

Marina Charles said...

Hi Ruchi,

Thank you for dropping by and leaving a note, yes now a days it is available every were, even I could find at my local grocery shop at Domlur, Bangalore.


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