Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crepe Delight

Crepe ( Caramel Delight)
Crepe for breakfast

After a long dry and hot summer spell, the rain drenched Bangalore made use forget the sleepless summer night. So, for a change, I made crepe for breakfast. This time, I tried one stuffing - banana and caramel sauce.

How do you make crepe at home?
Like every other household I used a non-stick pan to make crepe at home. But now, I use the crepe maker. Thanks to my brother for gifting crepe maker for my b'day. When I started with the crepe maker, the wooden ladle was a bit of a problem. My hand wouldn't move the way I want. Sometimes, it would get struck and my batter would be uneven. Well, practice solved these little problems.

So, what about crepe recipe.

Earlier, my mom used to make crepe but it was called churul appam. It's crepe filled with coconut and sugar mix. Well, in our family, it was common to make this Indianised crepe for breakfast. 

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