Monday, May 23, 2016

Sugarcraft Flower Designs Class Bangalore

Sugar Craft Flower

Lilly ( Sugar Craft) Spray Gun 

Lillies in a Basket ( Practical Learning)

Orchid Flower and bud

Often I wonder how a person becomes an expert or achieves a commendable change. We often look with disbelief and wonder when we see a person with mediocre skills transforms to a superstar right in front of our eyes.

Well, in most cases, we don't see the behind-scene hard work  - daily hours of practice, or the time taken to polish a skill, etc.

Problem with the majority of folks (like me) is this - we give-up half-way or when we hit the first dip.

So, how much time should we spend to develop a skill. Well, according to Malcolm Gladwell, author of the book Outliners, an average person require 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to become an expert. Well, 10,000 looks like a mammoth size number for a person like me who can't stay still for 1 hr at a stretch. So, what's the next option.

Here's a blog post I read recently on how to learn anything faster. Apart from practicing your skill, keep reading blogs on topics that interest you ( culinary to gardening to flower arrangement, etc)

Sugarcraft - Art of creating lifelike Flowers
Just like any skill, you can become a master in sugarcraft. If you read the above mentioned article, you know what it takes to develop this skills. And, just like any art, it's equally true with Sugar craft flower making.

I picked my sugar craft skills by learning from two experts in this field - Joonie Tan, at Lavone, and Ashwini Joshi Sarabhai from Hyderabad. I feel a good teacher or mentor makes learning easier, faster, and more organized.

Can't I learn by watching Youtube Videos
Yes, you can. I know many you've mastered skills from online resources. But, there are many, who have acquired half-baked or often misleading information by reading recipe's online or watching Youtube videos.Often I feel is that in some blogs and videos, the maker doesn't explain certain steps and this can cause confusion. Also, don't believe everything you see or read on the Internet. Try to read more on the topic from different sources..

Honing Sugarcraft Skills 
Though I had the best two tutors from whom I learned sugarcraft, I feel that I'm far from being an expert. One of the problem I face is insufficient practice time. As usual, I conveniently blame my busy class schedule for not practicing. But deep within I know that I need to plan my time.

So, how do you go about advancing your skills? What's stopping you from learning to make sugarcraft themed wedding cakes?

In case, you're looking for the beginner level class in Sugar craft, then you can contact me to know the topics covered.

Also, feel free to reach me for your questions on sugarcraft icing lessons.



P.S: If you're looking for shops selling sugarcraft material in Bangalore, then check with New Arif, or IBCA, etc. 

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