Saturday, May 21, 2016

Danish Cookies and Memories

My own Danish Cookies ( Not perfect, but very happy)

Freshly baked Danish cookies
Memory of Danish Cookies
I just can’t believe that I could make something which is so close to my heart. Danish butter cookies, which takes me back to my childhood.

I stayed in the boarding during my school days and always look forward to see my parents during vacation. And when my dad comes from Dubai, I had a big list of things which he promptly brings. My list starts off with Danish butter cookies, Quality Street Chocolates……

Danish Cookies - Gift & Giving Continues
After many years, when my brother first came down from Dubai he asked me want I want and again my list started off with Danish butter cookies and now every time when he comes down I will always get a box of same cookies without fail.

Today when I tried out baking Danish Butter Cookies myself for the first time, the smell, the taste which took me off to so many sweet moments in life. I could say that my first attempt was very much closer to the original Danish Butter Cookies.

And the best part is that I HAVE MADE IT !!!!!


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Megha said...

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Tanisha Singh said...

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