Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Potluck With Students at Trivandrum

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.
It's being now 6 years since I am into baking, icing and cooking classes and in Trivandrum it's being 4 years now. So I decided to have a get together with my students and organised a potluck at my home in Trivandrum on 12th April 2016.
Bakers at the Potluck Event - Trivandrum
We gathered together and shared our doubts, innovations, creations about cakes, icing and cooking. It was also a ground to meet each other who shared the same interest. Those who were into selling cakes shared their experience which was helpful for the newbies.
Let's hear her story, her Journey - Small Intro from everyone!

I was surprised to see 25 people who turned up in spite being a working day and we got to taste 25 dishes which was out of the world, everything was so perfectly made. The foods ranges from Pullisery to Chicken Pasta and the sweet dishes from cakes to kesari and everything was made at home by each person with so much of love.
Food Assembly - Everyone's Hand in These Delicacies
  Well, before we headed for the luncheon, we shared a lighter moment with a ice-breaker game. 
Winners of the game with their little goodies!

At the table - tasting time 
Thank you all for making this event so wonderful and memorable. It was one of the unforgettable day in my life,
We're the Champions - Group snap!
We are planning to have another potluck on July 2016 but this time with a purpose ,that we will make lunch packets and distribute lunch at Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum (RCC).
If I have missed out any of my old students please sms your name and number to 08861389165. I will add you in my whatsapp group and will inform the dates
Finally, I should thank all for giving me a surprise Birthday Cake!!!

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