Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Bakes This Week!

Welcome New Year - 2017 with fantastic bakes and Icing

Hello Enthusiastic Bakers!

It's almost time to turn the Feb calendar and it's time to do learn and develop new skills before we march to May.

This week, I have three classes designed for beginners and those looking to improve their baking skill.

Pls scroll down to view the class details :


Saturday ( 29, 10:AM to 1:PM) Bread For Beginners

Bread Class on Sat ( 10:AM to 1:PM)

Join this class to learn the fundamentals of bread making. This 3 hr class will cover Milk Bread/Multi-Grain Bread, Buns, Stuffed Buns, Dinner Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls

( Fee Rs 1,800)
2:PM to 6:PM

Cookies ( New Class with Egg)
Learn 5 types of cookies 

Rs 1,800
In this upcoming class on Saturday ( 29/4/17, 2:30 to 6:PM), you'll learn 5 cookies ( Special ones). These cookies are light and sweet, and taste delicious.

1. Lavender Short Bread
2. Strawberry Cream Biscuits
3. Monte Carlos
4. Shortbread Crescents
5. Linzer Biscuits


Buttercream Icing Cake Decoration Class
Date: 30/4/17
Buttercream Designs 

Learn the fundamentals of using buttercream icing to create designs, borders, flowers and create elegant novelty cakes for occasions like b'days.

In this class you'll learn to:

  1. Make buttercream icing from scrtach
  2. Mix and make different consistencies
  3. Color the icing and spreading it on the cake
  4. Use piping bag for making designs

Fee Rs 3,900

Fondant Icing ( Cake decoration class)  
Gain confidence and skill to decorate the cake based on the theme. This class is for freshers who are looking to venture into the beautiful world of cake decoration.

In this 4 hr class, you'll learn to:
  1. Make fondant icing from scratch
  2. Color fondant icing
  3. Prepare the cake - Learn ganache
  4. Spread the fondant on cake
  5. Make designs as per the theme
  6. Make a figurine 
  7. And finally decorated the cake as per the theme 
And, don't forget to carry the decorated cake with you!

Fee for this session is Rs 3,900

In this class, you'll be given a cake and a fondant modeling tool kit, which you can carry with you.

Fondant - Themed cake  ( 23/4/17)

Fondant for beginners ( Level 1 ) Time: 2:PM to 6:PM

Bread class for Beginners 

Learn to make fresh, healthy and oven fresh bread in your home with this class. Here in this 3 hr class on Saturday, you'll learn to make bread by following the recipe and steps.

The class will provide you the knowledge on breads, it's fermentation process, kneading, shaping and how to let the bread rise.

The fee for this session is Rs 1,800

For details of classes, please call at 9379398865 or 8861389165

( Weekend is also the time to stock your kitchen with baking and cooking ingredients. Here're the list of shops in Bangalore, selling baking accessories and ingredients)

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