Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Bakes This Week!

Welcome NEW YEAR 2018 with fantastic bakes, Arty decoration!

Hello Enthusiastic Bakers!

Let's kick-start this new year by learning new recipes, and build skills to make own cupcakes and breads at home!

In this month, I've scheduled basic recipes for beginners and few new classes, such as bars, cakes and icing. For more details, pls call me at 9379398865 or 9961389165


Thursday 22/3/18 ( 10:AM to 2:PM)

Buttercream Icing for Beginners

Buttercream Icing for Beginners 
Advance your cake decoration skills by gaining a solid foundation in piping and cake decoration. This course on 22/3/18, 10:AM to 2:PM will give you the confidence to start making buttercream icing creations.
Moreover, you'll learn the different icing consistency, pressure control, piping and learn to apply icing on cakes, and make basic cake borders, shells, border designs, etc
For more details about tomorrow’s buttercream icing class, pls call 9379398865 or 8861389165

Fee Rs 3,900

2:30 to 6:PM
Cookies ( Eggless Cookies)

Cookies Lessons

On April 22/3/18, 2:30 to 6:PM, be ready to learn 5 types of egg less Cookies:
1. Choco-chips cookies
2. Masala Cookies
3. Coconut Cookies
4. Peanut Butter Crinkles
5. Short Bread Cookies

( This is a beginner level class where you'll how to make these cookies and take the cookies you make in the class.

Fee Rs 1,700

23/3/18 ( 10:AM to 1:PM)
Dessert Class - Cheese Cake and More

Cheese Cake Class for Beginners ( 10:AM to 1:PM)

About Time You Tried: New York Cheesecake!
Baked New York Cheesecake is one of the world’s most popular cakes and, if made using the right process and quality ingredients, its one of the most delicious.
This class on ( 23/3/17, 10:AM to 1:PM ) will teach you using simple steps to make richly flavored, creamy, sweet and tangy, cheesecake, and other popular desserts.

1. Cheese Cake
2. Creme Brule
3. Strawberry Souffle

P.S Creme Brulee is the perfect make-ahead dessert that will impress your guests! A silky, smooth vanilla custard topped with a layer of brittle caramel, that is easier to make at home than you think.

Pastry Class - Croissant 

23/3/18, Time: 2:30PM to 6:PM,

Red Velvet Brownie


 A hands on croissant class where you make your own croissants to take home!

In this 3 hr class you'll learn to make 3 pastries:

1. Croissant
2. Red Velvet Brownie
3. Danish Pastry

24/3/18 ( 10:AM to 1:PM).
Cupcake for Beginners

If you're new to baking or have trouble baking cupcakes to perfection, then here's a class to gain a solid knowledge on baking.

Date: 24/3/18 ,
Time: 10:AM to 1:PM
Cupcakes you'll learn:

1. Vanilla Cupcakes
2.Orange Marmalade Cupcakes
3.Strawberry Cupcakes
4.Chocolate Cupcakes
5. Dry fruits Cupcakes

The class on 24/3/18, 10:AM to 1:PM will  a solid foundation, plus, you'll get the confidence to bake perfect cupcakes. For details, call 9379398865 or 8861389165.
Rs 1,600

24/3/18, 2:30 to 6:PM

Homemade Chocolate for Beginners

Chocolate Making Class - Beginner Level

Go a step further with homemade gifts – learn how to make homemade, rich, flavourful chocolates. 

If you have a passion for chocolate and have been thinking about starting up your own business then this course is definitely for you!In this 3 hr class, you will also learn important techniques such as melting chocolate/tempering chocolate at the right temperatures for making chocolate bars and all sorts of delicious chocolate recipes!

Fee Rs 1,800
Sunday ( 25/3/18) 2:30 PM to 6:PM

Fondant Icing ( Cake decoration class)
Gain confidence and skill to decorate the cake based on the theme. This class is for freshers who are looking to venture into the beautiful world of cake decoration.

In this 4 hr class, you'll learn to:
  1. Make fondant icing from scratch
  2. Color fondant icing
  3. Prepare the cake - Learn ganache
  4. Spread the fondant on cake
  5. Make designs as per the theme
  6. Make a figurine 
  7. And finally decorated the cake as per the theme 
And, don't forget to carry the decorated cake with you!

Fee for this session is Rs 3,900

Fondant Cake Decoration - Level 1 For Beginners
In this class, you'll be given a cake and a fondant modeling tool kit, which you can carry with you.

Start with basic designs on cake!

Fondant - Themed cake 

Fondant for beginners ( Level 1 ) Time: 2:PM to 6:PM

At the end of the session, you can take home to proudly display after the class is over!

( Weekend is also the time to stock your kitchen with baking and cooking ingredients. Here're the list of shops in Bangalore, selling baking accessories and ingredients)


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