Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Banana Dosi / Banana preserve

Banana Dosi 
Traditional Banana Dosi
My grand Mom, Lydia Gomez used to make banana dosi. Now I hardly see anyone making this food at their home. Maybe, it is forgotten or lost its value with time. Anyways, let me share what I know about Banana Dosi.

Here's a bit of history:
My Grand Mom stayed at Ponmudi estate during 40's and 50's. At that time Ponmudi was isolated from the outside world - no proper roads or transport facility. Once a week, people walked all their way to the market to buy provisions. Due to the distance, people stored and preserved food. My folks used to dry meat about the stove (smoked meat) or dried fruits in the open sun to preserve it for a longer time. 

Dosi Connection with Sri Lanka
When I Googled about Dosi, I found Sri Lankan recipes with dosi (preserves) word. During 50's many Indians worked in the estates in Ceylon now Sri Lanka. The Indians who worked in that country might have introduced this dish to our folks in Trivandrum. Well, this could be the food link. 

This is how I made banana dosi.
  1. Kerala Banana - 2
  2. Sugar               - 100gms
  3. Cinnamon         - 1 Stick
  4. Water               - to make the syrup
  5. Salt                   - a pinch
  • Boil sugar and water to make a syrup
  • Add Cinnamon sticks
  • Add the half boiled sliced banana to the syrup 
  • Cook for 4 mts in low flame
  • Now it's ready to serve
You can either serve hot or cold, good combination with Appam or Puttu...

Enjoy traditional dosi...


Nikky Vie said...

Awesome! I didn't think anybody would think of putting this up. Thanks, well thought!

Marina said...

Thank You for leaving your thought.

nadira said...

I remember my mother making something like this for me to bring away to Delhi when I left Kannur soon after I got married . But what she did was to dry the syrup soaked bananas in the sun for a few days. That makes it last longer I should think.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is awesome.. I was just looking all around the internet for this recipe