Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cake Whipping - Cake in Progress

Whipping Egg, Butter and Sugar  

Last week there was a series of  4 cake baking classes. All of a sudden the whipping sound of the egg beater filled my silent house. Of the four classes, three were young Moms and one a college student. Previous month I took 7 classes for school kids. In the coming summer vacation, I expect more kids to join for basic level cake baking classes. 

2011 Summer - Cake Baking Lessons for School Kids
Compared to last year, I got more enquiries from parents for details on cake baking classes. With the start of vacation, I'm sure most of the kids will be off to many summer camps in and around Bangalore. And now for a change, I think parents should expose kids to basic culinary skills. Wont it be nice to get a head-start at a young age. 

Cup Cake Baking - Lessons for School Kids or beginners
If you're interested, you can send you kids for basic cake baking classes. In my one-to-one class, your kids can learn to bake in their own pace. Here's the basic coverage of my class:
  • Theory, Tips & Techniques on baking
  • Explanation on baking equipment
  • Detailed learning on raw materials
  • Cake Decoration Tips
  • Tips to measure and how to weight
  • Muffins - (Vanilla, Strawberry, Choco-chips, Orange marmalade)
  • Teacake with fudge icing
Start then young - basic culinary skill training for young kids? 
Contact me for customized class for kids from 7 year onwards. I can teach young ones basic cooking ideas & baking. Give your kids the opportunity to know the art of baking/cooking.

Claim your kid's slot for culinary adventures! Contact me at 9379398865



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